11 Great Themed Monopoly Games for Geeks

Geeky Themed Monopoly Board Games

The International Tabletop Day is coming up soon so what better than to feature some great themed Monopoly board games for geeks? Monopoly is one of those games that almost every family has played at some stage and there are loads of different versions. Most versions relate to different cities, where the various streets and associated board spaces are based on a single city but today I bring you some of the Monopoly sets based on games and TV shows or movies that have huge fandoms.

Game Themed Monopoly Sets

The Legend of Zelda Monopoly is a collector’s edition, with metal game tokens designed as items from the Zelda game and locations from the land of Hyrule. It’s bound to be a hit with any Zelda fan.  I was a little disappointed to see that the corner squares like Free Parking and Jail are the same as the original design but sadly, that seems to be common with all these themed Monopoly boards. The World of Warcraft collector’s edition of Monopoly has rave reviews and includes locations from all expansions of WoW, game tokens based on familiar World of Warcraft items and cards based on in-game themes.

MONOPOLY: The Legend of Zelda EditionCheck PriceMONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto EditionCheck PriceMonopoly: World of Warcraft Collector’s EditionCheck Price

Sci-fi TV Shows and Movies Themed Monopoly Sets

Star Trek, Doctor Who and Star Wars are three of the largest and most well known themes for geeky fans and these three Monopoly sets cover all the bases. The Klingon Monopoly set is bi-lingual so you don’t have to be fluent in Klingon to play. The game tokens include a Batleth and a Captains Chair and the board has location from all over the galaxy. The Doctor Who Monopoly set has game tokens that include a sonic screwdriver and a bow tie. The locations on the board have been replaced with iconic episodes from both Classic and current TV seasons.

Klingon Monopoly Collector’s EditionCheck PriceMonopoly: Dr. Who 50th Anniversary EditionCheck PriceStar Wars Monopoly Saga EditionCheck Price

Other TV & Movie Themed Monopoly Sets

The Walking Dead Monopoly has great reviews and includes Ricks Hat and a bucket of body parts as some of the game tokens. The money has been changed to be supplies and the card decks are now supply chest and scavenger cards. For fans of The Big Bang Theory, this Monopoly set will be a big hit. The locations are true to the show and include the cafeteria, the Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon’s lab etc. That might sound a bit boring but the show doesn’t exactly have a huge number of locations to feature after all! The game tokens include Leonard’s glasses and Sheldon’s sofa spot which I thought was quite clever.

Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition)Check PriceThe Big Bang Theory MonopolyCheck PriceMONOPOLY: THE HOBBIT Trilogy EditionCheck Price

Superheroes Monopoly Sets

Lastly, we have a couple of Superhero themed Monopoly sets. I was surprised there weren’t more of these available in general but there are limited edition and collector’s sets available if you’re lucky. Those are really expensive though and are very often out of stock on Amazon due to their rarity. The Marvel Comics Monopoly set has board locations replaced by iconic comic front covers – a great gift for hardcore Marvel comics fans. The Spiderman Monopoly set has locations replaced by villains and the game tokens include 3 characters as well as a webslinger, Peter’s car and a spider. Both sets get great reviews on Amazon and should be a hit with any comics fan.

Monopoly: Marvel Comics Collector’s EditionCheck PriceMonopoly: Spider-Man Collector’s EditionCheck Price

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post on geeky themed Monopoly sets. If you’re a traditional Monopoly kind of person though, I found some lovely gift items you might like in my Monopoly Gift Ideas post a few weeks ago.

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