16 Great Star Wars Socks – Socks Don’t have To Be Boring!

Great Star Wars Socks

Do you have a Star Wars fan to buy a small gift for? Or perhaps you are a Star Wars fan and you just know you’re going to get socks for Christmas – why not drop this handy gift guide as a hint so at least you get socks you like!

There’s a great selection of Star Wars socks, which is proof that socks don’t have to be a boring gift although they are a great stocking stuffer or even a Secret Santa gift for someone you don’t know too well. Darth Vader is always popular for some reason – which is strange really as he’s supposed to be the bad guy!

Star Wars Darth Vader SocksCheck PriceStar Wars Yoda Jedi Master SocksCheck PriceStar Wars C-3PO SocksCheck Price

Stormtroopers are another popular motif on Star Wars merchandise and socks are no exception. I have to admit to not recognizing the Jawa when Cold mentioned them recently – I saw Star Wars IV when it first came out and that was a very long time ago! He even threatened to take my geek card away!

Darth Vader & StormtrooperCheck PriceStar Wars Socks StormtrooperCheck PriceStar Wars Jawa Utinni! SocksCheck Price

I do remember Chewbacca very clearly though – he was an immediate favorite with many of my friends at the time and has become part of mainstream culture references since then. The cute little droid R2-D2 is another iconic character from Star Wars and can be found on 1000’s of Star Wars items in so many categories, including socks of course!

Star Wars Socks ChewbaccaCheck PriceStar Wars Darth Vader SocksCheck PriceStar Wars R2-D2 SocksCheck Price

Another character that I have almost no recollection of is Boba Fett – I think I’m going to have to re-watch the whole set of movies soon or risk losing my geek card permanently! Shhh! don’t tell Cold though đŸ˜›

Star Wars Boba Fett SocksCheck PriceStar Wars Darth Vader SocksCheck PriceStar Wars R2-D2 SocksCheck Price

This last section has two pairs of photo realistic socks – Han Solo in carbonite and the infamous slave girl outfit of Princess Leia – definitely a great gift for dad there! The other two items I’ve included are much more for the kids – multipacks of short socks showing the main characters from the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite SocksCheck PriceStar Wars Princess Leia Slave SocksCheck Price

Star Wars Shorties Socks SetCheck PriceStar Wars Shorties Socks SetCheck Price

Buying socks as a gift doesn’t need to be boring anymore – there are so many fun socks around. Just find out what your geek likes and look for themed socks – I’m pretty sure you’ll find some great ideas.

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If you are stuck for ideas and would like some help from us, feel free to leave a comment below or perhaps on our Gifts for Gamers and Geeks Facebook page. We’ll do our best to come up with some fantastic suggestions for you – just include a little information like age, sex and budget and let us find that perfect gift for you.

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