10 Fun Mugs for Gamers of All Ages

Great Gift Mugs for Gamers Do you need gift ideas for the gamer on your gift list? We found a huge selection of game related mugs when we were looking at Must Have Science Geek Mugs last week so we just had to do a fun mugs for gamers post too. Your choice of mug […]

16 Great Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

Fantastic Doctor Who Gift Ideas Do you have a Doctor Who fan to buy gifts for? Well, there’s loads of great gift ideas for Doctor Who fans out there so you should have no problem finding one! I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, having grown up with it in the 1970’s and the reboot […]

Top 5 Left Handed Gaming Mice

Best 5 Mice For Left Handed Gamers When it comes to gaming, one of the best upgrades to improve your gaming performance is to upgrade your regular mouse to a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse can improve and ease your game play, with the addition of extra buttons on your mouse.  Many of the gaming mouse […]

12 Must Have Science Geek Mugs – For Home or Office

Great Mugs For Science Geeks Finding gifts for science geeks is getting easier all the time, especially with the popularity of tv series Breaking Bad introducing people to the Periodic Table. If you have a science teacher or an engineer to buy a small present for, these science based geeky mugs may well be your answer! […]

24 Crazy Gifts for Bacon Lovers

Do you need a gift for a bacon lover this Christmas or perhaps an office Secret Santa gift? Well, I found loads of bacon themed gifts and maybe I went a bit crazy when I found so many ideas for you! Bacon lovers will be thrilled to receive any of these gifts and some would […]

Gift Ideas for All Ingress Players

Useful Gear for All Ingress Players In the previous two posts, Gifts for Resistance players and Gifts for Enlightened players, we covered items that show faction pride, but there are also many other gifts for Ingress players that become useful to more dedicated (or addicted!) players too. These are gifts that any Ingress player will […]