21 Puzzling Portal 2 Gift Ideas

Great Portal 2 Gift Ideas

I like puzzle games and Portal 2 has been on my wishlist for quite a while now so I thought I’d give myself a nudge and have a look at all the lovely Portal 2 gifts that are available! If you haven’t come across Portal 2 before, it’s a puzzle game for 1 or 2 players where you have to escape closed rooms using a portal gun. The portal gun creates temporary portals but there are also puzzles that you have to solve before you can finally escape the room to get to the next.

People who play Portal 2 regularly rave how good it is and the reviews on Amazon say the same thing. At around $20 it’s not an expensive game and the 2 player co-op version sounds like it could be great fun too. I think I’d probably need the game guide though – my old brain isn’t as quick as it used to be and I do get a bit frustrated by learning new maps for games!

Portal 2 – Xbox 360/PS3 and PCCheck PricePortal 2: Songs to Test By Soundtrack CDCheck PricePortal 2: The Official Game GuideCheck Price

I used to have quite a collection of plushies and these Portal 2 plushies are cute enough for me to have bought them if I was still collecting! The Turret plush has a motion sensor which triggers 11 different phrases. The Companion Cube is just cute though, no extra functions.

Portal Wheatley Led FlashlightCheck PricePortal 2 Turret Plush, 11 Motion Activated PhrasesCheck PricePortal 2 Weighted Companion Cube PlushCheck Price

These Portal 2 hoodies look great – I especially like the Portal 2 Turret one – it’s not too in your face but still proclaims your geekiness to others in the know! The test candidate hoodie is a clever design and another that is subtle enough for my taste!

Portal 2 Test Candidate HoodieCheck PricePortal 2 Aperture Test Subject Men’ s Track JacketCheck PricePortal 2 Turret Men’s White Hoodie JacketCheck Price

The Companion Cube is the most common game icon to be used in designs outside the game and these panties are no exception. I think they look kind of cute to be honest and of course, would go perfectly under the Companion Cube dress too.

Portal 2 Companion Cube Women’s Briefs UnderwearCheck PricePortal Companion Cube Juniors Costume DressCheck PricePortal 2 Womens Briefs 3-PackCheck Price

A familiar phrase on many t-shirts is the keep calm motto and this Portal 2 design fits perfectly – just ‘keep testing’. The second t-shirt has some examples of those tests and the baby bodysuit is based on the test subject in game (you!) which I thought was cute. You could substitute the adult test subject hoodie to complete your adult Portal 2 wardrobe though.

Keep Calm And Continue Testing – Portal 2 T-shirtCheck PricePortal 2 Aperture Test Subject Baby BodysuitCheck PricePortal 2 Theres A Test For That Mens T-ShirtCheck Price

This next section is a little random – I love the Portal 2 book ends – they show a test subject entering and leaving a portal which is exactly how it comes across in game. The set of coasters has the warning signs from the game as their design and would fit any neutral color decor easily. I’m honestly not sure where the lemon grenade comes from, I assume it’s a game item but I thought the mug looked brilliant and cheerful too so I included it here!

Portal 2 Lemon Grenade MugCheck PricePortal 2 Warning Sign CoastersCheck PricePortal 2 Bookends for Shelf and BooksCheck Price

Lastly we have some kitchen/food based Portal 2 items. The Companion Cube cookie cutter set and cookie jar would go nicely together as a double gift for a Portal 2 fan and lets face it, where better to keep your Portal 2 cookies than in a Companion Cube cookie jar. The super cute Companion Cube soft lunchbox has some wonderful reviews – besides being a great lunchbox, one lady uses it for make up & another uses it as a general bag when attending conventions! Great idea – I always need more bags!

Portal Companion Cube Cookie Cutters (Set of 8)Check PricePortal 2 Cookie Jar Companion CubeCheck PricePortal 2 Companion Cube Soft Tote Bag Lunch BoxCheck Price

If you have a friend who plays Portal 2, I hope you found something here today to inspire you when it comes time to give them a gift! I think I’m going to move Portal 2 up my wishlist for new games, it looks like a lot of fun and could keep me quiet for hours – in between swearing at the puzzles of course!

What other games do you have on your wishlist but never got around to trying? We’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below with your answer if you wish 🙂


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