Best Gift Ideas for Chess Lovers

Best Gift Ideas for Chess Lovers

As a follow up to our Amazing Geek Themed Chess Sets post from last year, I thought I’d take a look at all the great chess themed gift ideas that are available now. I found a whole bunch of super chess gift ideas for you – from awesome chess inspired t-shirts to unique one off chess boards and some stylish jewelry too. If you have a dedicated chess player to buy gifts for, you’re sure to find a perfect chess gift below.

Chess Themed T-Shirts For Chess Lovers

Even if your chess lover already has loads of t-shirts, any one of these great chess shirts would still make a great gift. I love the simplicity of the chess heartbeat t-shirt design and I adore the chess family matching design t-shirts too.

King of Chess T-ShirtKing of Chess T-ShirtBuy NowEat Sleep Chess T-shirtEat Sleep Chess T-shirtBuy NowChess Heartbeat T-shirtChess Heartbeat T-shirtBuy NowBut Chess Is Importanter Funny T-ShirtBut Chess Is Importanter Funny T-ShirtBuy NowChoose Your Weapon T-shirtChoose Your Weapon T-shirtBuy NowChess Game Pieces Me & This Army T-ShirtChess Game Pieces Me & This Army T-ShirtBuy NowChess With A Chance Of Drinking T-ShirtChess With A Chance Of Drinking T-ShirtBuy NowChess Pieces Family Matching T-shirtsChess Pieces Family Matching T-shirtsBuy NowVintage Style Design Chess Player T-shirtVintage Style Design Chess Player T-shirtBuy Now

Gorgeous Jewelry For Chess Players

Sometimes, you don’t want to advertise your geekiness too loudly so these gorgeous but understated chess themed jewelry pieces would make a perfect gift for any chess lover. The Knight was always my favorite chess piece so the Knight chess piece pewter necklace would be my choice or the Knight cufflinks if I was a male chess lover!

Chess Piece Rook & Knight NecklaceChess Piece Rook & Knight NecklaceBuy NowKnight in Chess CufflinksKnight in Chess CufflinksBuy NowKnight Chess Piece Pewter NecklaceKnight Chess Piece Pewter NecklaceBuy Now

Chess Inspired Gifts For The Home

If you’re looking for some chess inspired home decor gifts, this section is perfect for you. The three coffee mugs are all very different so you just need to match the design to your gift recipient. The Rook vs Knight bookends would make a great gift for any chess lover – I’m pretty sure they have a book collection about chess so chess themed bookends would fit nicely on their bookshelf.

Queen & King Ceramic Salt & Pepper ShakersQueen & King Ceramic Salt & Pepper ShakersBuy NowChess Rook vs Knight Bookend SetChess Rook vs Knight Bookend SetBuy NowChess King & Queen Smokeless CandlesChess King & Queen Smokeless CandlesBuy NowMy Computer Just Beat Me At Chess Funny MugMy Computer Just Beat Me At Chess Funny MugBuy NowThe Lewis Chessmen MugThe Lewis Chessmen MugBuy NowChess Player Coffee MugChess Player Coffee MugBuy Now

Stylish Chess Sets For Chess Players

I wasn’t going to include chess sets in this gift ideas selection but when I saw the unique handmade olive wood and rustic chess sets, I just had to include them. The black maple vertical chess board with carved stone pieces would make a fantastic talking point as art but it’s practical too – you can play chess and not have to pack away the board every time!

Wooden Magnetic Chess SetWooden Magnetic Chess SetBuy NowBlack Maple Vertical Chess Board & Stone PiecesBlack Maple Vertical Chess Board & Stone PiecesBuy NowElectronic Chess & Checkers SetElectronic Chess & Checkers SetBuy NowHandmade Olive Wood Chess SetHandmade Olive Wood Chess SetBuy NowStylish Maple & Cherry Wood Wobble Chess SetStylish Maple & Cherry Wood Wobble Chess SetBuy NowOlive Wood Rustic Chess SetOlive Wood Rustic Chess SetBuy Now

Unusual Character Chess Piece Sets

In our older post about themed chess sets, we highlighted some gorgeous chess boards and chess pieces which were also kind of geeky. I found these three sets of chess pieces this time so I had to include them here too. These chess piece sets don’t come with a chessboard but I fell in love with the gorgeous details of the gargoyle chess pieces set and the skeleton band chess pieces set is just a great fun set to own, especially if your chess lover is also a bit of a band or music geek!

Lord of the Rings Chess Pieces SetLord of the Rings Chess Pieces SetBuy NowGargoyles Chess Pieces SetGargoyles Chess Pieces SetBuy NowSkeleton Band Chess Pieces SetSkeleton Band Chess Pieces SetBuy Now

Chess Themed Gifts For Your Desk

Lastly, we found some chess themed items for your desk or home office. I thought the photo on the mousepad of chess piece reflections on a shiny chess board was gorgeous and very different. It would look stunning on a chess players desk I’m sure. The photo on the iPhone 6 case is also in black and white and shows a different aspect of chess pieces on a board. I also love the Chess King USB flash drive – it’s different for sure and would make a perfect small gift for any chess lover.

Wooden 3D Chess King USB Flash DriveWooden 3D Chess King USB Flash DriveBuy NowChess Reflections On Chess Board MousepadChess Reflections On Chess Board MousepadBuy NowBlack & White Chess Board Design iPhone 6S CaseBlack & White Chess Board Design iPhone 6S CaseBuy Now

If you’re looking for the perfect chess set for a chess player who is also a bit of a geek about other stuff, check out our other Chess related post. We also have a bunch of posts for other tabletop family games so if chess isn’t your thing, maybe check out these other posts too.


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