Cool Batman Gifts for Men

Cool Batman Theme Gifts for Men

With the release of the Batman v Superman movie, we thought it would be a good idea to get some great Batman gift ideas together for you and as Batman has been around for a very long time, there is no shortage of Batman themed gifts available.

Batman T-shirts for Guys

First up is a selection of great Batman t-shirts including a very clever adaptation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. There are several text based Batman t-shirt designs but my favorite has to be the Bat-Cat t-shirt!

Batman Keep Calm and Call Batman T-ShirtBatman Keep Calm and Call Batman T-ShirtCheck PriceBatman No One Said I Was Batman T-ShirtBatman No One Said I Was Batman T-ShirtCheck PriceBatman T-Shirt WWBD? What Would Batman Do?Batman T-Shirt WWBD? What Would Batman Do?Check PriceBatman Like You're Batman T-ShirtBatman Like You’re Batman T-ShirtCheck PriceDC Comics Batman Vincent Van Gogh Graphic T-Shirt - MediumDC Comics Batman Van Gogh Graphic T-Shirt Check PriceBatman Wish I Was Batman T-ShirtBatman Wish I Was Batman T-ShirtCheck PriceBatman Rocks T-ShirtBatman Rocks T-ShirtCheck PriceBatman Works Out T-ShirtBatman Works Out T-ShirtCheck PriceBatman Bat Cat T-ShirtBatman Bat Cat T-ShirtCheck Price

Fun Batman Vintage Comic Buttons

Anyone who watched the old 1960’s-70’s Batman and Robin TV show will remember the pow’s, bam’s and zap’s that regularly crossed the screen – taken straight from the comics of the same time. These Batman comic buttons are bright and colorful and will make a nice small Batman themed gift or perhaps a stocking filler later in the year.

Batman 66 POW!! ButtonBatman 66 POW!! ButtonCheck PriceBatman 66 BAM! ButtonBatman 66 BAM! ButtonCheck Price

Batman 66 BIFF!!! ButtonBatman 66 BIFF!!! ButtonCheck PriceBatman 66 ZAP!!! ButtonBatman 66 ZAP!!! ButtonCheck Price

Batman Theme Apparel For Men

If you want more than just a Batman t-shirt, how about some Batman lounge pants or underwear? I have some slippers similar to these Batman slippers and they are lovely to wear and warm too. They were in the men’s section but I’m pretty sure ladies could wear them without too many strange looks!

Batman Lounge PantsBatman Lounge PantsCheck PriceBatman Mens' Batman Lounge Pant Size X-LargeBatman Mens’ Batman Lounge PantsCheck PriceBatman Jogging PantsBatman Jogging PantsCheck PriceOfficial Batman All Over Logo Boxer Shorts (XL)Official Batman All Over Logo Boxer ShortsCheck PriceBatman 3D Symbol SlippersBatman 3D Symbol SlippersCheck PriceDC Comics Batman Logo Mens Boardshorts (Large)DC Comics Batman Logo Mens BoardshortsCheck Price

Batman Jewelry For Men

If you really love all things Batman then these jewelry items might suit you. The Batman watch and Batman ring both have the Batman logo on them but the Batman mask cufflinks are really unusual and would look super cool with the right shirt.

Batman Men's BAT9062 Analog Watch With Black Rubber BandBatman Analog Watch With Black Rubber BandCheck PriceSirius Jewelry Men's Copper Super Hero Batman Mask Cufflinks BlackMen’s Batman Mask CufflinksCheck PriceBatman Classic Logo Stainless Steel Ring (10)Batman Classic Logo Stainless Steel RingCheck Price

Batman Shoes For Guys

I think my favorite items from this whole selection are the Batman canvas shoes. These are just three Batman designs on high tops sneakers but there are lots of others available and not just Batman designs either.

Men's Canvas High Top Shoes Batman Logo Design US 9Men’s Canvas High Top Shoes Batman Logo Check PriceConverse Unisex Chuck Taylor DC Comics Batman Lark Spur/Gray (06.0)Converse DC Comics Batman Check PriceRenben Men's Batman Hero Canvas Shoes Lace-up Higt-top Sneakers Fashion Running ShoesBatman Canvas Lace-up High-top Sneakers Check Price

Cool Batman Items for the Man Cave

I don’t know many women who would want a bunch of Batman themed home decor items but perhaps you could sneak this really unusual Vinyl Record clock past her. It’s been cut and carved to show a skyline of Gotham City and even has a Batman signal. Or if you have your own man cave, perhaps you need this Batman themed leg lamp – designed with the Batman logo but paying homage to the famous leg lamp from the Christmas Story movie.

Batman Vinyl Wall Record Home Room Art Vintage Modern DecorationBatman Vintage Vinyl Record Clock Wall ArtCheck PriceBatman Leg LampBatman Leg LampCheck Price


I hope you found this selection of Batman gifts useful but if you need even more Batman gift ideas, check out our other Batman specific posts or type Batman into the search box to find Batman items included in other more general posts.

There’s also a huge selection of Batman gifts over at Superhero Stuff and I mean 100’s of great Batman items to choose from. It’s what they do and heck, they do it well!


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