6 Cool T-shirt Designs Exclusive to Gifts For Gamers and Geeks

New Exclusive T-shirts from Gifts for Gamers and Geeks

Today, we are proud to launch our own range of t-shirts designs – designed by Nev especially for you, our readers. The basic t-shirt is an American Apparel Premium tee whilst the ladies relaxed fit is a Gildan brand.

Each design is available on different color shirts and unlike some t-shirt printing companies, there is no minimum order before the design will be printed. There is a slight delay in shipping though – we have to wait until the campaign ends before any shirts are printed. This keeps the costs down as each design will be printed on the exact number of t-shirts ordered and shipped directly to you.

Best Mom T-shirtCheck PriceStar Wars T-shirtCheck Price

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 10th, I thought I’d include a Best Mom design as well as some more geeky & gaming themed topics. The heart shape is filled with words like fun, loving & beautiful all in shades of purple.

The Star Wars t-shirt is in three shades of blue and includes the names of the main characters from the original movie, also in a heart shape. For the Firefly design, I chose the colors associated with Jayne Cobb’s hat – red, orange and yellow with a hint of black to break up the brightness!

Firefly T-shirtCheck PriceDoctor Who T-shirtCheck Price

The Doctor Who design was a little harder to narrow down. I included the obvious words like Tardis and Timelord as well as some of the more well known bad guys but I think I may well do some more designs with more specific ties to each Doctor. That way, we’ll all be able to show our enthusiasm for our favorite seasons!

Retro Gamer T-shirtCheck PriceCthulhu T-shirtCheck Price

For the retro gamer t-shirt, I included a whole host of old school games like Zelda, Pacman, Pokemon and even Pong! I love those old games and if you do too, this is the t-shirt for you. Lastly, we have one of Cold’s favorite book series – the works of H P Lovecraft & the Cthulhu Mythos. I’ve included the main characters and some places that will be familiar to anyone who enjoys Cthulhu.

House Music Lovers T-shirtCheck Price

I got so into designing these, Cold decided he needed to have a go too! His first love is Electronic Dance Music so of course, it had to be a house music design. This t-shirt includes every type of house music in 5 shades of blues and is available in his Zazzle shop. Just click the picture to see the design on all the t-shirt styles that Zazzle offer.

We’d love to hear what you think and which design is your favorite. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a whole bunch more of these designs based on other geeky topics so if you have a topic you’d like me to try, let us know in the comments below.

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