15 Fantastic Doctor Who T-shirts

Unique T-shirts for Doctor Who Fans

Today we have some really cool Doctor Who T-shirts to show you. These aren’t mass produced designs though – these are all designed by talented individuals and each has it’s own clear style.

Whether you are fascinated by the TARDIS or scared as a child by the Daleks, there’s a Doctor Who t-shirt out there that is bound to make you smile. It’s not all Tardis and Daleks though, there’s Cybermen, K9 and sonic screwdrivers too. I particularly like the Tardis against the Union Jack flag – Doctor Who is almost a British institution after all!

Doctor Who Tardis T-shirtDoctor Who Tardis T-shirtDoctor Who Artifacts T-shirtDoctor Who Artifacts T-shirtTardis & Union Jack T-shirtTardis & Union Jack T-shirt

As a long time fan of Doctor Who, I love this All The Doctors t-shirt. I grew up watching Doctor Who but I have to admit, I still watch it regularly and as the 10th Doctor is probably my all time favorite so this Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey t-shirt with the 10th Doctor is my favorite too.

Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey T-shirtWibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey T-shirtAll The Doctors T-shirtAll The Doctors T-shirtWibbley Wobbley Doctor Who T-shirtWibbley Wobbley Doctor Who T-shirt

I love all these Dalek themed Doctor Who t-shirts but the Shadow of the Dalek is definitely the most striking I think. The Arty Daleks t-shirt design is unusual and looks great on a tote bag or mug too.

Shadow of the Dalek T-shirtShadow of the Dalek T-shirtArty Daleks T-shirtArty Daleks T-shirtsDoctor Who Exterminate T-shirtDoctor Who Exterminate

There are loads of Doctor Who t-shirts out there but these hand drawn designs really impressed me. I love the style of the Doctor & Tardis t-shirt but my favorite in this section has to be the Minions carrying away the Tardis!

Doctor Who & Tardis T-shirtDoctor Who & Tardis T-shirtRose & The Doctor T-shirtRose & The Doctor T-shirtDoctor Who Minions T-shirtDoctor Who Minions T-shirt

Lastly we have a few mash-up designs – Doctor Who mixed up with another theme. There’s a Hello Kitty design and a Nightmare Before Christmas one too but my favorite has to be the Doctor Cool Snoopy t-shirt.

Hello Doctor T-shirtHello Doctor T-shirtDoctor Cool Snoopy T-shirtDoctor Cool Snoopy T-shirtNightmare Before a Tardis T-shirtNightmare Before a Tardis T-shirt

All the t-shirts are available in men’s or women’s styles as well as a hoody variation and multiple colors. The t-shirts from Society6 are also available on other products like tote bags, mugs or as art prints, just click through and it will show you what’s available.

If you like Doctor Who as much as I do, you can never have too many t-shirts – check out our own Doctor Who t-shirt, exclusive to Gifts for Gamers and Geeks. If you need to buy a gift for a Doctor Who fan, take a peek at our other Doctor Who gifts posts.



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