Free Code Friday – 6 Apps To Try For Free

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that each Friday, we often publish game codes for you to try free apps. Today we have a bumper bundle of free games and apps for you to try out but unfortunately, we only have these codes for the US iTunes store. So join us for Free Code Friday and try out one or two new games this weekend.

Circles Memory Game

Push your memory to the limit with this fun, free game. that reminds me of the old classic game, Simon.


Perfect Paths

Puzzle your way to the best path by using instruction blocks to create a pathway. Blocks can be used together or seperately so this allows making multiple solutions to each puzzle. It looks both interesting & frustrating to me but is exactly the type of game I am drawn to!



Create eye-catching photo montages with this clever little app. Combine multiple photos into one, quickly and easily swapping heads, adding wings or just making something beautiful and artistic. You can import photos from multiple sources and the app allows for easy sharing of your creations too.



A strange and challenging world awaits in this retro style twitch platform game. It takes a little while to get used to the controls but then it’s hop, skip & lots of jumps to reach those shinies hidden at various levels.


Bonza Word Puzzle

This is a game that Cold has been playing a lot over the last couple of weeks and I’ve downloaded it too. It gives you a clue then shows you the answers as a broken up crossword puzzle. All you have to do is rebuild the broken crossword puzzle to make the words that fit the given clue.


Epic Eric

Billed as a puzzler with a fairy tale ending – Epic Eric is a knight in shining armor, on his way to rescue his princess via running & jumping puzzles. there are ‘grippy’ points and girders to leap to and from and it’s a solid little game. It’s a bit easy right now and not very long but there’s plenty of room for them to produce more puzzle levels later.



Each code is a one time use so grab one and enter it on your iPhone or iPad iTunes account as soon as possible. If you miss out today, don’t forget to come back next week or follow us on Twitter @giftsgamersgeek or like our Gifts for Gamers and Geeks Facebook page so you don’t miss the next batch of codes on Free Code Friday.





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