Funko Mopeez – Super Hero & Villain Plushies by Funko

Funko Mopeez – The Cuddly Alternative to Funko Pops!

Funko Mopeez are one of the latest additions to the Funko range of toys and figures – all the cuteness of the original Funko Pops but in a plush fabric instead. The Mopeez range of plush toys are about 4.5 inches tall – just a little bit bigger than many of the Funko Pops but still small enough to fit on your desk at work or on a display unit if you prefer. If you’ve ended up with the office geek for your Secret Santa or you need a stocking stuffer for a superhero fan, one of these cute Funko Mopeez figures will make a perfect gift.

Funko Mopeez Superheroes & Villains

We’ve chosen the superheroes and villains as a theme for this post but there are loads of others available – from Guardians of the Galaxy┬áto Nightmare Before Christmas┬ácharacters, there’s bound to be one that fits your gift buying requirements!

Funko Mopeez: Heroes – Batman Action FigureFunko Mopeez: Heroes – Robin Action FigureFunko Mopeez: Heroes – Batgirl Action Figure

There is also a special edition Batman Mopeez, designed for the 75th anniversary edition in multiple colors! Ever wondered what Batman would look like in green or purple? Well now you can find out! There are 6 different colorways for the special edition Batman or you could go for the whole set of course!

Funko Mopeez: Heroes – Joker Action FigureFunko Mopeez: Heroes – Harley Quinn Action FigureFunko Mopeez: GOTG – Rocket Raccoon Action Figure

Funko Mopeez: GOTG – Groot Action FigureFunko Mopeez: Marvel – Captain America Action FigureFunko Mopeez: Marvel – Deadpool Action Figure

I’ve always been a fan of Superman and this little Mopeez Superman plush figure is no exception – I adore the little curl on his forehead and it’s this attention to detail that makes these Funko Mopeez so darned cute!

Funko Mopeez: Marvel – Hulk Action FigureFunko Mopeez: Marvel – Iron Man Action FigureFunko Mopeez: Heroes – Superman Action Figure

Funko Mopeez: Heroes – The Flash Action FigureFunko Mopeez: Marvel – Spider-Man Action Figure

We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these Funko Mopeez but if cute little plushies aren’t your thing, you can check out the Funko Pops Vinyl Figures in our Funko Pops for Star Trek Fans post or our Blizzard Games Funko Pops post. You can also type Funko into the search box and it will pull all the posts that have other Funko pops included in them too.


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