Fantastic Gifts for Stargate Fans

Great Gifts for Stargate Fans of All 3 Shows

Today we have found some fantastic gift ideas for any Stargate fan. Whether you are a fan of Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe or all three of the Stargate tv shows, there is such a range of themed Stargate gifts out there, you are bound to find something that is perfect for the Stargate fan in your life.

My favorite find of the whole selection of Stargate gifts today, has to be this epic Event Horizon shower curtain! I thought the Star Trek Transporter Room shower curtain was the best ever but now I am not so sure!

I also love this Stargate wall clock showing the outer dialling ring as well as the event horizon – it’s a perfect design for a clock I think. I’m throwing my love around generously today as I also love this Starry Night over Atlantis rug. It’s a crossover from the Doctor Who episode with Vincent Van Gogh but I think it works really well in this design too. Besides, I like Doctor Who so it has double love from me!

Stargate Event Horizon Shower CurtainCheck PriceStarry Night Over Atlantis Rug 2′ x 3′Check PriceGate of the Gods Wall ClockCheck Price

Next up we have a small selection of jewelry and wristwatches for guys. There wasn’t much choice in this category but the Stargate wormhole image makes for an unusual cufflinks design. The blue titanium ring has the earth symbol for the home address and slightly beveled edges for a more comfortable fit.

Stargate Tie Clip & Cufflinks SetCheck PriceStargate SG-1 Group 1 LogoCheck PriceBlue Titanium Stargate Design Men’s RingCheck Price

I guess the circular Stargate SG1 logo is a perfect design for a watch face if you don’t want an actual Stargate wormhole on your wrist or a simple Earth symbol might suit you better if you prefer a leather wrist strap.

Stargate SG-1 Men’s Wristwatch Stainless SteelCheck PriceInspired by Stargate WristwatchCheck PriceStargate Universe SGU Sport Metal WatchCheck Price

The earth symbol features regularly on Stargate t-shirt designs but I think my favorite has to be Teal’c’s famous phrase, “Indeed”. I also really like the ‘replicate this’ design too.

Colorful Stargate T-shirt Egyptian HeiroglyphsCheck PriceStargate Teal’c Indeed T-ShirtCheck PriceIf Lost Please Return To Earth HoodieCheck Price

Stargate Replicate This Men’s T-shirtCheck PriceStargate Men’s Goa’uld Characters T-shirtCheck PriceStargate Sweatshirt Egyptian Heiroglyphs ArtCheck Price

Next up, we have a selection of Stargate themed gifts for the home – like the clock above, this large mirror has a gorgeous patinated metal frame to represent the Stargate and if you like patinated metals, the copper replica cartouche is a nice and very unusual decorative Stargate item.

Stargate SG1 Mirror – Large 12′ DiameterCheck PriceTheres No Place Like Earth Coffee MugCheck PriceStargate Cartouche ¬†Patinated Copper ReplicaCheck Price

Of course, pillows are always an easy way to add a splash of color to a room but you can also use them to add a theme instead – these three selections represent each of the three Stargate TV series but there were loads of other Stargate pillows available, from cast member portraits to scenic views of the various worlds.

20″x30″ Stargate SG-1 Pillow CoverCheck Price18″x18″ Stargate Atlantis PillowcaseCheck Price16″x24″ Stargate Universe PillowcaseCheck Price

I couldn’t do a Stargate themed post without these cool and very clever coffee mug designs. If you know any amateur car mechanics, you will recognise the distinctive Stargate manual design and there are other manuals available, including the puddlejumper! The Wormhole Extreme episode is celebrated by this mug and I’d guess that only other Stargate fans will recognise it!

Stargate Manual Coffee MugCheck PriceWormhole Extreme Coffee MugCheck PriceStargate Atlantis Crew Coffee MugCheck Price

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