Great Geek & Gamer Robes for Men

Great Geek & Gamer Robes for Men

When it comes to robes and bath robes for men, there are loads of plain colors and striped ones but this great selection of geek and gamer themed robes are sure to put some color into long winter evenings.

Star Wars Themed Bathrobes for Men

Star Wars is a super popular theme for so many gift ideas and robes are no exception. The Rebel and Empire uniforms make a great design for a robe but the Death Star pattern is a firm favorite too. The Chewbacca robe shown here is the men’s version but the ladies version featured in our Best Geek & Gamer Robes for Women┬áso you could have matching robes if you wish.

Star Wars Darth Vader Bath RobeStar Wars Darth Vader Bath RobeBuy NowStar Wars R2-D2 Fleece RobeStar Wars R2-D2 Fleece RobeBuy NowStar Wars Death Star Fleece RobeStar Wars Death Star Fleece RobeBuy NowStar Wars Chewbacca Wookie RobeStar Wars Chewbacca Wookie RobeBuy NowStar Wars Rebel RobeStar Wars Rebel RobeBuy NowStar Wars Empire Bath RobeStar Wars Empire Bath RobeBuy Now

Great TV Show Themed Robes for Men

Star Trek & Doctor Who are classic sci-fi TV shows which lend themselves really well to bath robe designs. The Star Trek uniforms change with each series and two variations are shown here. Another great TV show is the Walking Dead – only two robes are featured here but check out The Walking Dead Mega Gift List for loads more Walking Dead themed gifts.

Star Trek Captain Kirk RobeStar Trek Captain Kirk RobeBuy NowStar Trek Next Generation Sciences RobeStar Trek Next Generation Sciences RobeBuy NowHarry Potter House RobeHarry Potter House RobeBuy NowDoctor Who Tardis Bath RobeDoctor Who Tardis Bath RobeBuy NowDoctor Who Timelord Symbols Bath RobeDoctor Who Timelord Symbols Bath RobeBuy NowDoctor Who Dalek Bath RobeDoctor Who Dalek Bath RobeBuy NowBreaking Bad 'Methyamine Bee' RobeBreaking Bad ‘Methyamine Bee’ RobeBuy NowThe Walking Dead Bath RobeThe Walking Dead Bath RobeBuy NowThe Walking Dead Don't Open Dead Inside RobeThe Walking Dead Don’t Open Dead Inside RobeBuy Now

Superhero Robes for Men

Superheroes are always popular and colorful too. If you’re looking for a great Superhero bathrobe, you can chose from any of those shown below. All of the Superhero robes are made of warm fleece fabric and some even have hoods for extra warmth this winter.

Iron Man Bath RobeIron Man Bath RobeBuy NowBatman Logo Bath RobeBatman Logo Bath RobeBuy NowCaptain America RobeCaptain America RobeBuy NowSuperman Bath RobeSuperman Bath RobeBuy NowX-Men Wolverine Bath RobeX-Men Wolverine Bath RobeBuy NowDeadpool Bath RobeDeadpool Bath RobeBuy NowSpiderman RobeSpiderman RobeBuy NowTransformers Optimus Prime Bath RobeTransformers Optimus Prime Bath RobeBuy NowThe Joker Fleece RobeThe Joker Fleece RobeBuy Now

Great Gamer Robes for Men

This final section includes some of the best video game themed robes. World of Warcraft fans can chose between a paladin or priest style robe. The Assassin’s Creed robe is gorgeous – a clean white fluffy robe with a small Assassin’s Creed symbol on the front and a large symbol on the back. The Legend of Zelda robe has the Hyrule symbol embroidered on the back of this awesome thick, warm robe.

World of Warcraft Priest or Paladin RobeWorld of Warcraft Priest or Paladin RobeBuy NowAssassin's Creed Logo RobeAssassin’s Creed Logo RobeBuy NowLegend Of Zelda Royal Crest RobeLegend Of Zelda Royal Crest RobeBuy Now

If you like to have matching pajamas and robe, check out our Great Pajama Pants for Geek & Gamer Men post – there’s loads of designs to chose from.

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