Great Gift Ideas for World of Warcraft Legion Fans

Great Gift Ideas for World of Warcraft Legion Fans

With the launch of the pre-expansion invasions, the excitement is building for the release of the next episode for World of Warcraft – Legion. We thought we’d bring you a great selection of gift ideas for World of Warcraft Legion fans who might be in a buying mood while they wait for this exciting new chapter in World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft Legion T-shirts

As always, there is a bunch of great new t-shirt designs to celebrate the launch of World of Warcraft Legion. As part of this new expansion, Blizzard have added a new playable class too so there are t-shirts for Demon Hunters and indeed, the whole expansion is based around Demon Hunters and Illidan Stormrage. I really like the Obelisk design and the Illidan hoodie. Most of these World of Warcraft Legion t-shirts are available in men’s and women’s styles and sizes – just click through to make your selection as usual.

WoW Legion - Illidan's Revenge T-shirtWoW Legion – Illidan’s Revenge T-shirtBuy NowWoW Legion Demon Hunter Class T-shirtWoW Legion Demon Hunter Class T-shirtBuy NowWoW Legion Obelisk T-shirtWoW Legion Obelisk T-shirtBuy NowWoW Legion Destroyer of Dreams Guldan T-shirtWoW Legion Destroyer of Dreams Guldan T-shirtBuy NowWoW Legion Illidan Zip Up HoodieWoW Legion Illidan Zip Up HoodieBuy NowWoW Legion Lord of Outland T-shirtWoW Legion Lord of Outland T-shirtBuy NowWoW Legion Artifacts T-shirtWoW Legion Artifacts T-shirtBuy NowWoW Legion Demon T-shirtWoW Legion Demon T-shirtBuy NowWoW Legion Illidan Metamorphosis T-shirtWoW Legion Illidan Metamorphosis T-shirtBuy Now

World of Warcraft Legion Hats

Along with new t-shirt designs, there are some new baseball hat designs for World of Warcraft Legion. I really like the Demon Hunter design, based on Illidan’s trademark weapons. The World of Warcraft logo hat is also pretty stylish and in green for the Legion expansion.

WoW Legion Demon Hunter HatWoW Legion Demon Hunter HatBuy NowWoW Legion Demon Hunter HatWoW Legion Demon Hunter HatBuy NowWoW Legion Darkness Snapback HatWoW Legion Darkness Snapback HatBuy Now

World of Warcraft Legion General Gifts

There isn’t much jewelry or accessories for World of Warcraft Legion yet but I did find a few great gift ideas for World of Warcraft Legion fans. There’s a great Illidan watch and a set of pins in the shape of the Warglaives of Azzinoth, Illidan’s weapons. There’s also a great hand knitted pixie hood in Illidan inspired colors as well as a handmade chainmail bracelet – both made by World of Warcraft Legion fans who happen to be crafters too.

SDCC 2016 Legion Warglaives of Azzinoth PinsSDCC 2016 Legion Warglaives of Azzinoth PinsBuy NowIllidan Inspired Half Persian Chain BraceletIllidan Inspired Half Persian Chain BraceletBuy NowWoW Legion Illidan Stainless Steel WatchWoW Legion Illidan Stainless Steel WatchBuy NowWorld of Warcraft Legion LanyardWorld of Warcraft Legion LanyardBuy NowFunko POP World of Warcraft IllidanFunko POP World of Warcraft IllidanBuy NowWoW Legion Logo KeychainWoW Legion Logo KeychainBuy NowWoW Legion Deluxe Hardcover SketchbookWoW Legion Deluxe Hardcover SketchbookBuy NowWorld of Warcraft Deluxe Collector Figure: IllidanWorld of Warcraft Deluxe Collector Figure: IllidanBuy NowIllidan Inspired Knit Pixie HoodIllidan Inspired Knit Pixie HoodBuy Now

World of Warcraft Legion Art Prints & Posters

Along with an official poster for World of Warcraft Legion, there are also some great fan made art prints. The range of skills of Warcraft players never fails to amaze me and these unique World of Warcraft Legion art prints are no exception. I really like the clever wall decal too – it has a 3d effect as if Illidan is bursting through your wall – perfect for any Warcraft Legion fan’s gaming corner.

WoW Legion Smashed Wall DecalWoW Legion Smashed Wall DecalBuy NowWoW Legion Illidan Art PrintWoW Legion Illidan Art PrintBuy NowIllidan and Tyrande Art PrintIllidan and Tyrande Art PrintBuy NowIllidan Stormrage Art PrintIllidan Stormrage Art PrintBuy NowIllidan Original Art PrintIllidan Original Art PrintBuy NowWoWarcraft Legion Huge PosterWoW Legion Huge PosterBuy Now

World of Warcraft Limited Edition Strongboxes

Although these Alliance and Horde strongboxes aren’t strictly World of Warcraft Legion items, they are being released to celebrate the new expansion and they are limited editions too. Each strongbox contains a faction appropriate 12oz mug, a wristguard, a lanyard, a keychain and a wax seal stamp with sealing wax too. A limited edition Alliance or Horde strongbox would definitely make a perfect Christmas present for the World of Warcraft player on your gift list.

Warcraft Alliance Limited Edition StrongboxWarcraft Alliance Limited Edition StrongboxBuy NowWarcraft Horde Strongbox Limited EditionWarcraft Horde Strongbox Limited EditionBuy Now

World of Warcraft PC/Mac Video Games

Lastly, I’ve included the World of Warcraft Legion standard edition and the World of Warcraft Legion Collector’s Edition for both PC and Mac, just in case you haven’t bought your copy yet. If you do pre-order, you will be able to play your new Demon Hunter straight away and get involved with all the pre-expansion activities. The Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft Legion could also be a great investment if you don’t actually open it! Some of the earlier expansion Collector’s Editions sell for quite a lot more than the owners paid for it.

WoW Legion - Collector's Edition - PC/MacWoW Legion – Collector’s Edition – PC/MacBuy NowWoW Legion - Standard Edition - PC/MacWoW Legion – Standard Edition – PC/MacBuy Now

I hope you’ve found some great gift ideas for the World of Warcraft Legion fan in your life but if you need more gift suggestions, you can check out our other World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games posts below.




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