Great Overwatch Gift Ideas – The Latest Game from Blizzard Entertainment

Great Gift Ideas for Fans of Overwatch from Blizzard

Today marks the long awaited release of Overwatch, the latest game from Blizzard Entertainment which seems to be creating quite a stir in the gaming world. My Twitter feed is full of excited and hyped up gamers waiting eagerly for their chance to play Overwatch at last! I was lucky enough to get into the Overwatch Beta weekend a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it although as a team based shooter, it’s not my usual chosen genre of game. As Overwatch launches today, there are a few really nice Overwatch gift ideas available but with all the excitement for the Overwatch release, I’m pretty sure there will be lots of Overwatch gifts available in the future.

Limited Edition Overwatch Tracer Statue

Overwatch was all the talk of Blizzcon 2015 and this limited edition Tracer statue was part of that buzz. At 10.5 inches tall and made of hand painted polystone resin, this Tracer statue is sure to make a hardcore Overwatch fan very happy.

Overwatch Tracer Limited Editon Statue Blizzcon 2015 ExclusiveOverwatch Tracer Limited Editon Statue Blizzcon 2015 ExclusiveBuy Now

Overwatch Gaming Accessories by Razer

Razer is a well known gaming accessories brand and these Razer Overwatch peripherals are just the latest in a long line of game branded accessories. The Razer Overwatch DeathAdder is an ergonomic gaming mouse will all the high tech specifications you would expect from a brand like Razer. The Overwatch BlackWidow Chroma keyboard is a mechanical, backlit keyboard designed specifically for gaming and has a 2 year warranty too. Any one of these items would make a great gift idea for an Overwatch fan.

Overwatch Razer BlackWidow Chroma KeyboardOverwatch Razer BlackWidow Chroma KeyboardBuy NowOverwatch Razer Goliathus Speed Mouse PadOverwatch Razer Goliathus Speed Mouse PadBuy Now

Overwatch Razer Man O'War Tournament Edition HeadsetOverwatch Razer Man O’War Tournament Edition HeadsetBuy NowOverwatch Razer DeathAdder Gaming MouseOverwatch Razer DeathAdder Gaming MouseBuy Now

Overwatch T-shirts

There is a fairly wide range of Overwatch T-shirts available already, including official Overwatch designs at Hot Topic and Jinx. Tracer seems to be everybody’s favorite character although I have to say I quite like Junkrat and of course, Winston! I’m sure there will be hundreds of new Overwatch t-shirt designs released in the coming weeks so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the really special ones as Overwatch gift ideas for you.

Overwatch Primal Rage T-shirtOverwatch Primal Rage T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Soldier 76 T-shirtOverwatch Soldier 76 Ladies T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch - The Cavalry's Here Tracer T-shirtOverwatch The Cavalry’s Here Tracer T-shirtBuy NowBEOLD Cheap and Fine Overwatch Tracer Art Navy Men's T-Shirt. MediumOverwatch Tracer Art Navy Men’s T-ShirtBuy NowKonoyie Men's Overwatch Tracer T-Shirt - Holidays Tshirt White US Size MOverwatch Tracer T-ShirtBuy NowMr.Potato 2016 Exquisite Junkrat Overwatch Black Males T-Shirt LargeOverwatch – Junkrat Black T-ShirtBuy NowLkui Overwtach Tracer Hairs Cheers Love Casual Men's T-ShirtOverwatch Tracer Cheers Love Casual T-ShirtBuy NowAnskan Men's Overwatch Reaper T-shirt M YellowOverwatch Reaper T-shirtBuy NowMr.Potato 2016 Attractive Overwatch Reinardt Black Men's Clothing LargeOverwatch Reinardt Black T-shirt Buy NowOverwatch All the Characters T-shirtOverwatch All the Characters T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Tracer T-shirtOverwatch Tracer T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Logo T-shirtOverwatch Logo T-shirtBuy Now

Overwatch Funko POP’s

Lastly we have four brand new Overwatch Funko Pops –  test pilot Tracer, super intelligent, genetically enhanced gorilla Winston, mercenary Reaper and assassin Widowmaker. All are 3 3/4 inches tall except Winston who is a 6 inch super Pop but any of these cute action figures would be a great gift idea to make an Overwatch fan very happy.

Funko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure - TracerFunko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure – TracerBuy NowFunko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure - ReaperFunko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure – ReaperBuy Now

Funko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure - Winston, 6Funko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure – Winston, 6″Buy NowFunko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure - WidowmakerFunko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure – WidowmakerBuy Now


I hope you’re ready to play Overwatch when it releases later today and have all your snacks ready to keep you going! If you want to keep an eye out for even more Overwatch gift ideas, don’t forget eBay often has great deals on gaming bundles and some cool Overwatch items too.

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