5 Clever Ideas for Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Have you just finished wrapping all your Christmas gifts and realised you’ve missed someone or perhaps you want just one more for someone to make up the difference? Well, I had a look for some digital only items that might just make that perfect last minute gift.

One idea that is sure to have something for everyone is a magazine subscription – there’s pretty much a magazine out there for every subject but I’ve included 2 of my personal favorites – I always go straight for National Geographic magazine in the dentist waiting room and thoroughly enjoy the articles. The photographs are pretty amazing too but for photography, I like Digital Photography magazine in particular. The Mental Floss magazine is a new one to me but it looks like a fun read and educational too.

Mental Floss Magazine SubscriptionCheck PriceNational Geographic SubscriptionCheck PriceDigital Photo Magazine SubscriptionCheck Price

If your last minute gift is for a gamer – many games are available as digital downloads – the only advice I’d give is to find out what game they want first – gamers can be a fussy bunch and many will only play one genre or may be more casual and play lots of different ones so they may already have the game you’re thinking of. These are just some of the major games that are available but there are loads of apps that can be bought too. Another idea for a gamer is a pre-paid game time card – some are available as digital but many are physical cards so perhaps not so great for last minute gifts.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black FlagCheck PriceTomb Raider – Digital DownloadCheck PriceRocksmith – Digital DownloadCheck Price

If your last minute gift is for someone who has a Kindle then there is a whole world of kindle books available. I’ve picked a couple of interesting looking geeky books but again, like magazines, there is undoubtedly a Kindle book for every topic you can think of! One thing I didn’t know is that you can download the Kindle app even if you don’t have a Kindle! That means you can read a Kindle book even without the device. Cool huh?

The Geek Handbook – Kindle DownloadCheck PriceNerds: How Geeks Can Save AmericaCheck PriceA Geek in Japan: Land of Manga, Anime, & ZenCheck Price

If you’re really, really stuck for ideas then there’s always gift cards. For last minute gifts, you’ll probably need to pick one with a email delivery so that it’s almost instant. The obvious, most general choice would be an Amazon gift card – you can choose an appropriate image and choose the exact amount you want to give as well. The Sephora gift cards have a range of images available too and would make a great present for a geeky girl who likes make up. There’s also a range of cinema and theatre gift cards too – a great idea for any movie buff!

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So there you go – just a few ideas for those very last minute panic gifts that could save the day for you. It’s also a great way to avoid the stores on Christmas Eve – you just know you don’t want to be out shopping on that day if you can avoid it!


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