13 Lovely Gift Ideas for Game of Thrones Fans

Game of Thrones Gift Ideas

Do you love the Game of Thrones tv show or need to buy a gift for someone who does? Well, today I bring you some great gift ideas – both fun and serious – for the Game of Thrones fan in your life. I’ll admit that I haven’t seen the tv show yet – I did read the first book many years ago though but got fed up waiting for the second one! Rather like Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series or the Clan of the Cave Bear series, author George R. R. Martin has an epic story in his head and we just have to be patient and wait for him to get it all on paper! Frustrating though!

First up is this amazingly detailed 7inch replica of the iconic Iron Throne. It looks incredible in the pictures on Amazon and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. What a great gift for any fan of Game of Thrones or The Song of Ice and Fire books.

Game of Thrones: Iron Throne 7″ ReplicaCheck Price

Game of Thrones Funko Pops

Funko make some great collectible vinyl figures and these Game of Thrones characters are no exception. Each character in this range is a mini 3.75 inch vinyl doll with the well known Funko large head look. My favorite is Drogon but then I do love dragons so that’s no big surprise is it? lol

Funko Game of Thrones: Daenerys TargaryenCheck PriceFunko Game of Thrones: Jon SnowCheck PriceFunko Game of Thrones DrogonCheck Price

Game of Thrones T-Shirts

There were surprisingly few unusual t-shirts available – many were just images from the tv show which is fine but I wanted to find something different to show you. I love the cartoon style design of the Throne of the Seven Kingdoms t-shirt – each character is recognizable but nothing like the standard image we have of them. The Fire & Blood t-shirt is striking with it’s red Targaryen sigil design against the black background.

Game of Thrones Walker T-ShirtCheck PriceGame of Thrones Fire & Blood Splatter T-ShirtCheck PriceThrone Of The 7 Kingdoms T-ShirtCheck Price

Game of Thrones Jewelry

I love the simplicity of the Moon and Sun matching cuffs – the love story of Drogo & Dany expressed in two simple phrases. And yes, I’m a big softie and I know it! The House of Stark wolf pendant and Cersei’s Lion pendant are both beautiful but very different styles. I’m quite traditional in my taste so the lion is my favorite of the two!

The House Of Stark Wolf PendantCheck PriceGame of Thrones Cersei’s Lion PendantCheck PriceMoon and Sun Matching CuffsCheck Price

Game of Thrones Decor

Lastly, we have a couple of different throw pillows for you. The 4 piece square pillow set is great value and features the designs of the four main Houses – Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon. The shaped throw pillow is also available in the various House designs and colors but the red is my favorite design.

Game of Thrones Cushion Cover 4 piece setCheck PriceHouse Targaryen Sigil Throw PillowCheck PriceMother of Dragons Khaleesi DecalCheck Price

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at some great Game of Thrones gift ideas. There are loads more gift items out there but I’ll save those for another post but in the meantime, if you need gifts for a book lover then check out our other book themed gift posts

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