15 Cool Nano Block Sets – Tiny Building Blocks for Kids

Nano Blocks – Creative Building Blocks for Kids

We’re all familiar with Lego sets but these nano block sets are even smaller and make for some really cute figures. They are cheaper too which is a bonus for any cash strapped parent! They are tiny blocks though so I’d say they aren’t suitable for really young children – not only the choking hazard but also the dexterity required to handle them.

Nano Blocks For Children’s Movie Heroes

Kids often love movies so much, they watch them over and over again and want all their toys to be on the same theme as their favorite movie. This first selection of nano block sets includes Minions from Despicable Me, the four Turtles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the main characters from Toy Story. I think the Minions are the best though! Each character has 200-300 blocks and the finished size is about 3 inches.

Despicable Me Nano Blocks MinionsCheck PriceToy Story Nano BlocksCheck PriceTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nano BlocksCheck Price

Superhero Nano Blocks

This next section includes a full 8 character set of Superheroes – each one just 3 inches tall when complete. The four Transformers build to almost 4 inches tall and each arrives in it’s own little box so you don’t get all the pieces muddled together. The recommended age for these nano block sets is 9 years and older but I’m pretty sure some adults would love them too!

Transformers Nano BlocksCheck PriceSuper Hero Nano BlocksCheck PriceX-men Nano BlocksCheck Price

Nano Blocks for Gamers

This next selection of nano blocks sets includes an 8 character set for Pokemon fans, a three character set for Super Mario Brothers and a five character set for Sailor Moon. I know Sailor Moon is more manga than gaming but there have been quite a few Sailor Moon games which is where I came across it so I included it here! The Pokemon are even smaller than 3 inches (mostly) and have 120-180 pieces per character.

Pokemon Nano BlocksCheck PriceSuper Mario Nano BlocksCheck PriceSailor Moon Nano BlocksCheck Price

Nano Blocks for Budding Architects

The makers of nano blocks, LOZ, also do loads of other themed sets including these architectural landmark buildings. The nano blocks are tiny so it makes it easier to capture small details in these fantastic towers. I think the Burj Khalifa Tower set looks amazing and how much fun would it be to add these architectural wonders to a geography lesson?

Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy Architecture Nano BlocksCheck PriceEiffel Tower France Architecture Nano BlocksCheck PriceBurj Khalifa Tower Dubai Architecture Nano BlocksCheck Price

I’m a little biased of course, but I love the Big Ben Clock Tower and Buckingham Palace. I was there last year showing a Canadian friend around London and got some great photos. These building sets vary in size and number of blocks – Buckingham Palace is over 1500 piece set and the Burj Khalifa Tower is almost 18 inches tall when complete.

Big Ben Tower London UK, Architecture Nano BlocksCheck PriceBuckingham Palace London Architecture Nano BlocksCheck PriceTaipei 101 Achitecture Nano BlocksCheck Price

These nano block sets were new to me but I know my brother would have loved them! He always used to complain that some of his Lego blocks were too big for what he wanted to build! Each set has it’s own little instruction booklet too so if you or your child gets stuck, you’ll have help to finish the model.

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