Pirate Gift Ideas For Pirate Lovers

Gift Ideas For Pirate Loving Scurvy Dogs!

Interested in gift ideas for pirate lovers, are ye? Here is me collection of the finest pirate booty in all the land. We pirates be fond of weapons, maps, books, flags, ships, games, and of course buried treasures! So gather ye dubloons and swipe some of these pirate treasures for the pirate lover in ye life, as this bounty is sure to please any landlubbing matey. And if ye find the scurvy gas bloated bilge runner doesn’t like ye gifts, remember that dead men tell no tales!

Pirate Weapons

Ahoy! The Cap’n says all pirates and buccaneers be needin’ a fine weapon. These treasures be some of the finest options for gift giving to pirate wannabes. The Cap’n says these weapons be fine for pillagin’ and findin’ even more loot and bounty.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Regal Pirate SwordCheck PriceJack Sparrow Steel Caribbean Pirates Cutlass Sword Sabre w/ScabbardCheck PriceCorsair Cutlass Barbary Pirates of the Caribbean Barbarossa Scimitar SwordCheck Price

Pirate Books

For talking like a pirate, I’d recommend this book: The Pirate Primer. It’s got ebbry-blastin’-theng ye needs must know to lay tongue liker aargh-thentic pirate, by the devil’s twisted tail. That be a great guide for International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

The Republic of Pirates: Being the True & Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates & the Man Who Brought Them DownCheck PriceUnder the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the PiratesCheck PricePirateology: The Pirate Hunter’s Companion (Ologies)Check Price

Pirate Movies

There be many a pirate on the big screen. Here’s a fine haul of all sorts of pirate movies for ye entertainment. Listed here are a few of the Cap’n’s favorites, bound to please any landlubber.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Four-Movie Collection Check PricePirate Code: Real PiratesCheck PricePirates: Dead Men Tell Their Tales Check Price

Pirate Ships

A true pirate loves only ye sword more than ye ship, so don’t be skimpin’ on me vessels, matey. These fine pirate ships be perfect for displayin’, not for sailin’, so no walkin’ the plank of these ships, eh’?

Pirate Ship Wood 9 X 9 Nautical Maritime Boat Decor NewCheck PriceHandcrafted Nautical Decor Flying Dutchman Pirate Ship, 14Check PriceHandcrafted Nautical Decor Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirate Ship, 15Check Price

Pirate Flags

No pirate ship be authentic without displayin’ the good ol’ Jolly Roger! Here be me favorite pirate flags for sailing the open seas or showin’ off ye great flags on ye walls, if that’s yer thing. Check out all the pirate flags they be offerin’, if none of these tickle yer keester.

3×5 Deadman Chest Design Pirate FlagCheck PriceCaribbean Pirate 3’x5′ Pirate FlagCheck PriceNEOPlex 3′ x 5′ No Quarter No Mercy Pirate FlagCheck Price

Pirate Board Games and Tabletop Card Games

Me pirate buddies love to gamble and game and win ye coins from ye purse. These be me favorites for gaming with the cards, dice, and at ye table. If ye can’t be sure which pirate games to steal for ye mates, then start with me favorite card game of all time, FLUXX. There be one made special for me pirates.

Pirate’s CoveCheck PriceMerchants and MaraudersCheck PriceBlack Fleet GameCheck PriceLootCheck PricePirate FluxxCheck PriceYahtzee Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, Collector’s EditionCheck Price

Pirate Barware

No ocean voyage be complete without a fine stock of spirits and rums. These be great treasures for drinkin ye sorrows away on the open sea.

Crystal Skull Shotglass,crystal Skull Pirate Shot Glass Drink Cocktail Beer CupCheck PriceFred and Friends BONE CHILLERS Skull and Crossbones Ice TrayCheck PriceSuck UK Legless Corkscrew Pirate Bottle OpenerCheck Price

Pirate Rings

Argh, me rings! We be sportin’ ye finest jewels and metals with these pieces for ye bounty. The good ol’ Jolly Roger makes for a fine ring, not just for ye flags. And there never be enough skulls for me rings. If luck be with ye, ye might even find one with ye old owner’s finger insides me new ring.

Pirate King Cutlass Jolly Roger Signet Ring in 14k White GoldCheck PriceMen’s Stainless Steel Ring Black Gold Silver Knight Fleur De Lis Pirate Skull Check PricePirates Of The Caribbean Men’s Ring by The Bradford ExchangeCheck PricePirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Ring ReplicaCheck PriceStainless Steel Pirate Skull Check Price10MM Tungsten Carbide Skull Pirate Design Ring Check Price

Pirate Shirts

There be shirts a plenty for me pirate lovers. Some be shirts with pirates and some be actual pirate shirts. Check out all ye pirate shirts here for more of me loots. Yer Shirts be fairin’ well with a good ol’ pirate hat.  For even more dandy clothing wares, be sure to check out me favorite site TO BE A PIRATE, where they have tons of pirate garb, clothing, cosplay gear, and the like.

Instant Pirate Just Add Rum Funny Drinking T-Shirt Black LCheck PriceJolly Roger Pirate Flag | Skull & Crossbones Buccaneer Costume Ladies’ T-shirt-(Ladies,S)Check PricePirate Buccanneer | Jumbo Print Novelty Halloween Costume Unisex T-shirt-Adult,LCheck PriceThe Mountain Skullbone Undead Pirate Mens T-shirt XLCheck PricePirate T-shirt – Surrender the Booty (x-large)Check PriceZombie Pirates Skull Authentic The Mountain Adult T-Shirt XLCheck Price

That be me favorite bounties and loots for gifts for ye fans of pirates, swashbucklers, buccaneers, and ye like. I’m thinkin’ me found plenty of loots for ye pirate lover in ye life. So enjoy yer bounties and live life to ye fullest, just like me mug of ale! Avast, I bid ye farewell.

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