Raver Festival Wear & Dance Party Lights

Flashing & Glowing Rave Party Wear

The rave and EDM festival season is in full swing this year. Whether you are attending Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, or any of the other big electronic dance music festivals, in addition to the heavily popular Spirit Hoods, you will see a ton of crazy outfits, flashing lights, and blinking raver gear.  Make sure to complete your own rave party outfit with one of these cool glowing, blinking, and flashing dance party accessories.

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Glowsticks are old school and are also banned at many night clubs and festivals these days, so blinking party lights are a much safer replacement. From LED lightshow gloves, to spinning flashing light toys, or illuminated glasses, there are plenty of options to satisfy your visual cravings at your next dance music event.

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Flashing hula hoops are very popular among raver girls and all kinds of hippies and ravers are getting more into poi spinning at festivals and parties. The sound activated LED shirts are available in all sorts of designs, which range from speakers, to aliens, to hearts, and more. There are plenty of designs to make your flashing raver outfit stand out from the crowd.

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Glowing bras, hair pins, shoelaces and more.  Just about every clothing item and accessory can be found with bright colors, blinking lights, neon prints, and more iconic raver style fashion staples.

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The raver girl always seems to have way more options for cool festival outfits than most guys do. These electric light up bras can combine cool rave fashion with the ability to keep cool, which is always important at any outdoor festival. Leg warmers are a popular fashion choice for many raver girls, but you can even get them in glowing light up versions as well!

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So spice up your next festival outfit or club wear with some of these great ideas to add a flash, sparkle, or glow to your next party outfit.  Enjoy the festival season and have a great time dancing the nights away, but always remember to stay safe and hydrated.  House music all night long!

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