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Gunnar Optiks Eyewear – The Perfect Gifts For Computer Users & Gamers!

Gunnar Optiks Eyewear Gunnar Optiks Eyewear is designed to help combat the effects of Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome. Many of us stare at computer screens, tablets, mobile phones or other blue light emitting electronic devices for many hours at a time. This prolonged exposure to these display devices can cause headaches, neck […]

Top 10 Geeky Mothers Day Cards

Mother’s Day Cards for Geeky Moms Is your Mom a great big geeky Mom or does she keep her geek side under control? Well, either way, receiving one of these super geek themed Mother’s Day cards should make her smile on her special day. Mother’s Day is coming up fast (May 10th this year) but […]

17 Cool Gift Ideas for Minecraft Fans

Today we have a great selection of Minecraft themed gift ideas for you. I never got into Minecraft but my nephew did for a while and I know he would have loved any of these cool Minecraft gifts for his birthday present. There is a whole range of Minecraft plushies available and the animals are […]

15 Retro 8-Bit Valentines Gift Ideas

If you have a Valentine who loves old games or has been playing video games for years, then this selection of 8-bit retro gaming style gifts will be perfect. There are loads of 8-bit style gifts available but today, we have focused on hearts & flowers – the ideal Valentines day subjects. First up, we […]

Free Code Friday – 6 Apps To Try For Free

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that each Friday, we often publish game codes for you to try free apps. Today we have a bumper bundle of free games and apps for you to try out but¬†unfortunately, we only have these codes for the US iTunes store. So join us for […]

10 Top Headsets for Gamers

Christmas is over, we survived crazy family get-togethers and now we have our Christmas gift money burning holes in our pockets so today I thought I’d bring you a selection of gaming headsets – just in case you feel the need for a new headset for the new year! I’m not a technical expert on […]