Great Pajama Pants for Geek & Gamer Men

Great Pajama Pants for Geek & Gamer Men

Now that the January cold weather has well and truly arrived, it’s time to think about lovely warm pajama pants for those cold winter evenings. Whether you’re lazing in front of the TV or playing your favorite video game, you going to need some awesome pajama pants to keep warm this season. There are loads of really cool pajama pant prints and designs to chose from too so there’s bound to be something here to fit your style.

Harry Potter Pajama Pants for Men

If you’re a big fan of the Harry Potter movies, these House Print pajama pants from Thinkgeek are available in all four of the Hogwarts Houses – choose from Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. If you don’t have a favorite House then the Daily Prophet headlines print might be more your style.

Fantastic Beasts Pajama PantsFantastic Beasts Pajama PantsBuy NowHarry Potter House Print Pajama PantsHarry Potter House Print Pajama PantsBuy NowHarry Potter Daily Prophet Headlines Lounge PantsHarry Potter Daily Prophet Headlines Lounge PantsBuy Now

Star Wars Pajama Pants for Men

Star Wars themed pajama pants are very popular and there are loads of styles to chose from. All the usual characters are available including Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, Chewbacca and of course, Darth Vader but there are also less specific Star Wars themed pajama pants too. The spaceship design includes line drawings of the X-Wing and the TIE Fighter on a dark background and the Force Awakens design has comic book style illustrations of scenes from the movie.

Star Wars Boba Fett Lounge PantsStar Wars Boba Fett Lounge PantsBuy NowStar Wars Pajama or Lounge PantsStar Wars Pajama or Lounge PantsBuy NowStar Wars Spaceship Diagrams Lounge PantsStar Wars Spaceship Diagrams Lounge PantsBuy NowStar Wars Chewbacca Lounge PantsStar Wars Chewbacca Lounge PantsBuy NowStar Wars BB-8 Lounge PantsStar Wars BB-8 Lounge PantsBuy NowStar Wars Stormtrooper Print Pajama PantsStar Wars Stormtrooper Print Pajama PantsBuy NowBoba Fett & Stormtroopers Lounge PantsBoba Fett & Stormtroopers Lounge PantsBuy NowStar Wars Darth Vader Pajama PantsStar Wars Darth Vader Pajama PantsBuy NowStar Wars Force Awakens Pajama PantsStar Wars Force Awakens Pajama PantsBuy Now

Doctor Who Pajama Pants for Men

For the Doctor Who fan, there are three different pajama pants designs available – the Tardis design is well known but the Don’t Blink pajama pants feature the evil Weeping Angel from the episode of the same name and look awesome!

Doctor Who Galaxy & Tardis Sleep PantsDoctor Who Galaxy & Tardis Sleep PantsBuy NowDoctor Who Don't Blink Lounge PantsDoctor Who Don’t Blink Lounge PantsBuy NowDoctor Who Tardis Lounge PantsDoctor Who Tardis Lounge PantsBuy Now

Superhero Themed Pajama Pants for Men

Superhero themed pajama pants are also very popular with lots of the best known superheroes featured in the designs. You can choose from Batman, Superman, Captain America or a Funko style Green Lantern here. There’s also some lesser known superhero themed pajama pants too – Guardians of the Galaxy and Transformers are personal favorites!

Batman Logo Lounge PantsBatman Logo Lounge PantsBuy NowDC Comics Batman Iconic Sleep PantsDC Comics Batman Iconic Sleep PantsBuy NowBatman Image & Collage Print Pajama PantsBatman Image & Collage Print Pajama PantsBuy NowSuperman Comic Book Print Pajama PantsSuperman Comic Book Print Pajama PantsBuy NowSuperman Logo All Over Print Pajama PantsSuperman Logo All Over Print Pajama PantsBuy NowGreen Lantern Funko Pajama PantsGreen Lantern Funko Pajama PantsBuy NowCaptain America Logo Pajama PantsCaptain America Logo Pajama PantsBuy NowMarvel Captain America Civil War Lounge PantsMarvel Captain America Civil War Lounge PantsBuy NowThe Punisher All Over Print Pajama PantsThe Punisher All Over Print Pajama PantsBuy NowSuicide Squad Pajama PantsSuicide Squad Pajama PantsBuy NowGuardians of the Galaxy Pajama PantsGuardians of the Galaxy Pajama PantsBuy NowTransformers Autobot Pajama PantsTransformers Autobot Pajama PantsBuy Now

Retro Games Pajama Pants for Men

If you need awesome pajama pants as a gift for a gamer then look no further than these Super Mario Bros or Legend of Zelda pajama pants. All three of these pajama pants are 100% cotton so would be perfect for Spring and Summer wear.

Nintendo Mario & Luigi Sleep PantsNintendo Mario & Luigi Sleep PantsBuy NowNintendo Super Mario Bros. Pajama PantsNintendo Super Mario Bros. Pajama PantsBuy NowLegend of Zelda Triforce Pajama PantsLegend of Zelda Triforce Pajama PantsBuy Now

Other Fun Pajama Pants for Men

There are so many fun and colorful pajama pants for men available that it was tough to choose just a few to show you. In this miscellaneous section, you can chose from game themed pajama pants with the Nintendo controller design, internet humor with the Emoji print design or chose your favorite movie or TV show with the Big Bang Theory or Minions design pajama pants.

Emoji Print Pajama PantsEmoji Print Pajama PantsBuy NowNintendo Controller Pajama PantsNintendo Controller Pajama PantsBuy NowTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lounge PantsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lounge PantsBuy NowDespicable Me Minions Fleece Lounge PantsDespicable Me Minions Fleece Lounge PantsBuy NowThe Walking Dead Fleece Lounge PantsThe Walking Dead Fleece Lounge PantsBuy NowThe Big Bang Theory Bazinga Lounge PantsThe Big Bang Theory Bazinga Lounge PantsBuy Now

Hopefully you’ve found your perfect pajama pants in the selection above but if not, check out our Fun One Piece Pajamas post for even more great warm pajama ideas! Ladies! Don’t feel left out – there’s more great sleepwear gift ideas coming soon.


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