More Top Gifts for Overwatch Fans

Top Gifts for Overwatch Fans

If you have an Overwatch fan to buy gifts for, this is the gift guide for you! With Blizzcon in full swing, there’s lots of new stuff being announced for Overwatch, a Blizzard game released earlier this year, so your Overwatch fan is going to be super happy to receive any of these great Overwatch gifts.

Overwatch T-shirts & Hoodies

There’s no shortage of awesome Overwatch t-shirts to buy so this is just a small selection of the best Overwatch t-shirts & hoodies available. Many of the characters in Overwatch have their own stylized artwork so if you want to buy a t-shirt for an Overwatch fan, check which character is their favorite first!

Overwatch D.VA Bunny T-shirtOverwatch D.VA Bunny T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Lucio Headphones T-shirtOverwatch Lucio Headphones T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Genji Shimada T-shirtOverwatch Genji Shimada T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Hanzo Dragon T-shirtOverwatch Hanzo Dragon T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Junkrat Smiley T-shirtOverwatch Junkrat Smiley T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Reinhardt Vigilant T-shirtOverwatch Reinhardt Vigilant T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch - Have Mercy T-shirtOverwatch – Have Mercy T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Women's Zenyatta T-shirtOverwatch Women’s Zenyatta T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Death Walks Among You T-shirtOverwatch Death Walks Among You T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Remorseless Reaper T-shirtOverwatch Remorseless Reaper T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Genji & Dragon T-shirtOverwatch Genji & Dragon T-shirtBuy NowMens Fitness Overwatch Armor T-shirtMens Fitness Overwatch Armor T-shirtBuy NowOverWatch Soldier 76 T-shirtOverWatch Soldier 76 T-shirtBuy NowOverwatch Logo Zip Up HoodieOverwatch Logo Zip Up HoodieBuy NowOverwatch Mercy HoodieOverwatch Mercy HoodieBuy Now

Overwatch Coffee Mugs

As with the t-shirts, there are loads of great Overwatch coffee mugs available and we all know that gamers run on energy drinks and coffee so an Overwatch coffee mug would make a great small gift, a stocking stuffer or perhaps a cool Secret Santa gift for a co-worker this year.

Overwatch Tracer Coffee MugOverwatch Tracer Coffee MugBuy NowMei Overwatch Coffee MugMei Overwatch Coffee MugBuy NowJunkrat Overwatch Coffee MugJunkrat Overwatch Coffee MugBuy NowOverwatch Roadhog Coffee MugOverwatch Roadhog Coffee MugBuy NowOverwatch Logo Coffee MugOverwatch Logo Coffee MugBuy NowOverwatch D.Va GG Coffee MugOverwatch D.Va GG Coffee MugBuy Now

Cool Overwatch Wallets

There’s some really amazing wallets available for Overwatch fans, showing the whole line up of characters or just the Overwatch logo if you prefer. All three of these designs are bi-fold wallets with credit card pockets as usual.

Overwatch Lineup Bi-fold WalletOverwatch Lineup Bi-fold WalletBuy NowOverwatch Logo Bi-Fold WalletOverwatch Logo Bi-Fold WalletBuy NowOverwatch Planet View WalletOverwatch Planet View WalletBuy Now

Great Overwatch Accessories

There aren’t as many accessories for Overwatch fans as expected but these hats and socks are great! The Overwatch logo black leather wristband is awesome and the Overwatch Logo dog tag style necklace is super cool!

Overwatch Bastion Unisex HatOverwatch Bastion Unisex HatBuy NowOverwatch Logo SocksOverwatch Logo SocksBuy NowOverwatch Junkrat Snapback HatOverwatch Junkrat Snapback HatBuy NowOverwatch Alloy Logo Black Leather WristbandOverwatch Alloy Logo Black Leather WristbandBuy NowOverwatch Logo Cosplay RingOverwatch Logo Cosplay RingBuy NowOverwatch Logo Keychain/NecklaceOverwatch Logo Keychain/NecklaceBuy Now

Overwatch Bags & Backpacks

Another way to show off your love of Overwatch to everyone, is to have an Overwatch themed backpack or gym sack. These backpacks all have very different designs and are just a few of those available.

Overwatch Reaper School BackpackOverwatch Reaper School BackpackBuy NowOverwatch Junkrat Training GymsackOverwatch Junkrat Training GymsackBuy NowOverwatch Logo BackpackOverwatch Logo BackpackBuy NowOverwatch Mei BackpackOverwatch Mei BackpackBuy NowOverwatch Reinhardt Drawstring BagOverwatch Reinhardt Drawstring BagBuy NowOverwatch Mercy Leather BackpackOverwatch Mercy Leather BackpackBuy Now


Thank you for viewing Top Gifts for Overwatch Fans. Hopefully you found some great gift ideas for your Overwatch fan but if not, check out some of these other posts for even more great Overwatch & Blizzard Games gift ideas.



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