Top Gift Ideas for Pusheen Fans

Top Gift Ideas for Pusheen Fans

If you love cats, you’ve probably come across Pusheen the Cat in your internet travels. She’s a comic strip character who’s taken the world by storm and even has her own Facebook sticker set. If you need to buy gifts for a Pusheen fan, then this gift guide is for you.

Cuddly Pusheen Plushies

These Pusheen plush toys are super soft and cuddly and range in size from 6 to 13 inches. There’s a whole range of these silky soft Pusheen plushies available including the unicorn, the dinosaur and of course, the Christmas Pusheen Cat.

1212″ Light Grey Silky Soft Pusheen PlushBuy NowPusheen Plush with CookiePusheen Plush with CookieBuy NowPusheenicorn Stuffed Cuddly PlushiePusheenicorn Stuffed Cuddly PlushieBuy NowPusheenosaurus Pusheen PlushPusheenosaurus Pusheen PlushBuy NowPusheen 10Pusheen 10″ Christmas Snackable PlushBuy NowPusheen Pastel Purple Heart PlushPusheen Pastel Purple Heart PlushBuy Now

Pusheen Accessories

The range of Pusheen gifts available doesn’t stop at t-shirts and plushies, there’s also some fun clothing items available too. From Pusheen plush slippers to a full one piece Pusheen kigurumi, there’s plenty of gift ideas to help keep you warm this winter.

Pusheen Plush SlippersPusheen Plush SlippersBuy NowPusheen The Cat Watchmen BeaniePusheen The Cat Watchmen BeanieBuy NowPusheen Kigurumi Hooded One Piece Zip-up SuitPusheen Kigurumi Hooded One Piece Zip-up SuitBuy Now

Pusheen T-Shirts For All The Family

The largest range of Pusheen gifts are the t-shirts – the Unicorn Pusheen and Dinosaur Pusheen make another appearance here but the ever playful Pusheen also likes to play with balloons, eat donuts and hamburgers and even has some musical talent with a keyboard or DJ’ing for your Pusheen party! For Pusheen fans who also like Harry Potter, check out the Pusheen Cat on a broomstick t-shirt!

Pusheen The Cat Rainbow Unicorn T-shirtPusheen The Cat Rainbow Unicorn T-shirtBuy NowPusheen The Cat Donuts T-shirtPusheen The Cat Donuts T-shirtBuy NowPusheen The Cat Small Pink Heart T-ShirtPusheen The Cat Small Pink Heart T-ShirtBuy NowPusheen So Lazy, Can't Move T-ShirtPusheen So Lazy, Can’t Move T-ShirtBuy NowPusheen The Cat Guide To Selfies T-ShirtPusheen The Cat Guide To Selfies T-ShirtBuy NowPusheen I love Kitties T-shirtPusheen I love Kitties T-shirtBuy NowPusheenosaurus Pusheen T-shirtPusheenosaurus Pusheen T-shirtBuy NowPusheen The Cat with Balloons T-ShirtPusheen The Cat with Balloons T-ShirtBuy NowPusheen The Cat Harry Potter & Broom T-shirtPusheen The Cat Harry Potter & Broom T-shirtBuy NowPusheen DJ Cat T-shirtPusheen DJ Cat T-shirtBuy NowPusheen The Cat & Fast Food T-shirtPusheen The Cat & Fast Food T-shirtBuy NowPusheen Musician T-shirtPusheen Musician T-shirtBuy Now

Pusheen Gifts for Kids

Kids love Pusheen the Cat so a Pusheen backpack and Pusheen pencil case would make great gifts for school days. There’s also a Pusheen coloring book to keep them occupied during the long winter days but it’s detailed enough to keep adult coloring book fans occupied too.

Pusheen Coloring BookPusheen Coloring BookBuy NowPusheen BackpackPusheen BackpackBuy NowPusheen Cat Pencil CasePusheen Cat Pencil CaseBuy Now

Cute Pusheen Jewelry

These Pusheen the Cat necklaces are super cute – perfect for any fan of Pusheen, whatever their age. The Pusheen watch has Pusheen on a motor scooter, in a rush to get to her next mischievous task!

Handmade Pusheen Cat & Cake Necklace CharmHandmade Pusheen Cat & Cake Necklace CharmBuy NowPusheen Cat & Ball NecklacePusheen Cat & Ball NecklaceBuy NowPusheen The Cat WatchPusheen The Cat WatchBuy Now

Cute Pusheen Baby Onesies

Baby onesies are the perfect gift for any new Mom and these Pusheen onesies are really cute which makes them even more ideal for a new Mom who loves Pusheen! The Pusheen onesie with Pusheen in a leather jacket, playing guitar and wearing sunglasses is awesome and super cool too.

Pusheen Playing Guitar Baby OnesiePusheen Playing Guitar Baby OnesieBuy NowPusheen The Cat & Hamburger Baby OnesiePusheen The Cat & Hamburger Baby OnesieBuy NowPusheen The Cat & Donuts Baby OnesiePusheen The Cat & Donuts Baby OnesieBuy Now

Pusheen Coffee Mugs

Last up in this Pusheen gift guide are these three gorgeous Pusheen coffee mugs. The I Love My Mom Pusheen coffee mug would make a great gift for your Mom this Christmas. The Catpusheeno coffee mug is a great play on words and would make a perfect gift for any coffee loving Pusheen fan.

I Love My Mom Pusheen Coffee MugI Love My Mom Pusheen Coffee MugBuy NowCatpusheeno Coffee MugCatpusheeno Coffee MugBuy NowPusheen the Cat 12 oz Coffee MugPusheen the Cat 12 oz Coffee MugBuy Now

If you’re looking for even more cute Christmas gifts, check out these other great posts full of cute gift ideas!


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