24 Cute Soft Kitty Gift Ideas For Big Bang Theory Fans

The Big Soft Kitty Gift Ideas List

I love The Big Bang Theory and have seen most of the first 6 or 7 seasons. There are several bits of the show that have caught on with fans such as the rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock game and Soft Kitty so today, I thought I’d show you a big bunch of Soft Kitty gift ideas. Don’t forget to check out our earlier Big Bang Theory gifts post for more ideas too.

Soft Kitty Underwear and Sleepwear

First up, we have a mixed selection of Soft Kitty underwear, sleepwear and hanging around the house clothing ideas! Grab your Soft Kitty loungepants, get your Soft Kitty plush slippers and lovely warm, fluffy Soft Kitty robe on and you won’t want to leave the sofa for days!

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Lounge PantsCheck PriceBig Bang Theory – Soft Kitty Knee High SocksCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty 3 Pack Panty SetCheck Price

Having fun underwear on can really make a big difference to your day – when things get you down or you get stressed, it can give you a little internal smile when you think about it. The old saying for getting over public speaking nerves is to imagine the audience in their underwear – how much fun would it be, if you imagined them all in Soft Kitty undies?

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Pattern RobeCheck PriceBig Bang Theory – Soft Kitty SlippersCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty One Piece PajamasCheck Price

Soft Kitty Plushies

If you do decide to snuggle up in your Soft Kitty robe and slippers, don’t forget to grab your Soft Kitty plush pillow too! The talking Soft Kitty plush needs batteries but you just press his paw and you get Penny singing Soft Kitty to you – a great gift for anyone who loves the Big Bang Theory.

Big Bang Theory Talking Soft Kitty DollCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty Plush PillowCheck PriceBig Bang Theory – Soft Kitty Mini PlushCheck Price

Soft Kitty Gifts for Kids

Although The Big Bang Theory is an adult show, Soft Kitty appeals to kids too so this gorgeous plush Soft Kitty backpack would be a big hit I’m sure. For a smaller gift, either the Soft Kitty keychain or the Soft Kitty mini plush backpack clip would be a great little gift. I really like the backpack clip although I’d clip it to my purse with my other clips and pins!

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty KeychainCheck PriceBig Bang Theory – Soft Kitty BackpackCheck PriceBig Bang Theory – Soft Kitty Backpack ClipCheck Price

Soft Kitty T-shirts

I was quite surprised to see so few Soft Kitty t-shirt designs – these three Soft Kitty designs are definitely the best and all are available in multiple colors and t-shirt styles. personally, I’d grab a size larger than I normally wear and add it to the Soft Kitty loungepants to make a pajama set!

Big Bang Theory – Soft Kitty T-shirtCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty Purr Purr T-ShirtCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Sing Soft Kitty T-ShirtCheck Price

Soft Kitty Accessories

I’m not a big fan of hats but this Soft Kitty knitted beanie hat is cute and warm too so I might wear this one! I love the Soft Kitty design on the wallet – the kitties look so content and just a little bit smug to me!

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Knit Hat BeanieCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty Trucker SnapbackCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty Bi-Fold WalletCheck Price

Soft Kitty Gifts for Guys

I don’t know many guys who would wear Soft Kitty stuff but this Grumpy Cat version is a pretty funny alternative. The black and red boxer shorts are funny too with the placement of the design – definitely an adult joke though I think.

Big Bang Theory I Love Soft Kitty Boxer ShortsCheck PriceGrumpy Cat Grr Grr Grr Soft Kitty T-shirtCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty Seatbelt Style BeltCheck Price

Soft Kitty Gifts for Babies

Lastly, we have a couple of cute baby Soft Kitty onesies or bodysuits. The one on the right has the same design as one of the t-shirts above and is also available in multiple colors. I prefer the simplicity of the Soft Kitty face onesie though and with it being grey to start with, you don’t need to worry about it going off color in the wash! That’s always a good thing with baby clothes.

Big Bang Theory – Soft Kitty Face OnesieCheck PriceBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty Infant BodysuitCheck Price

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s look at these fun, cute and comfortable Soft Kitty gifts, they’d make great presents for any fan of the Big Bang Theory, I’m sure. If you need even more ideas, check out our other Big Bang Theory posts!

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