Top Gift Ideas for Suicide Squad Fans

Top Gift Ideas for Fans of Suicide Squad Following the release of the long-awaited movie, we thought we’d bring you this great selection of gift ideas for fans of Suicide Squad. There is so much cool stuff out there to chose from too – full Harley Quinn cosplay outfits and the Joker costumes too, t-shirts […]

Fun Geeky Board Shorts for Men & Boys

Fun Geeky Board Shorts for Guys & Boys I know it’s almost time to head back to school but there’s still lots of warm weather about so if you need more shorts for the end of the summer, we have a great selection of geeky boardshorts and swim trunks for you. Geeky Boardshorts and Swimshorts […]

New Gift Ideas for Star Trek Beyond Fans

Gift Ideas for Fans of the New Star Trek Beyond Movie As a long time fan of all the Star Trek TV series, I will be going to see the latest movie Star Trek Beyond in the next few days so I thought I’d have a look for some great new gift ideas for Star […]

Great Gift Ideas for Pokemon Go Players

Great Gift Ideas for Pokemon Go Players If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go in the last week or two, where have you been? Sadly my phone is incompatible so I can’t play but as the temperatures are reaching 100F this week, I’m kind of glad I’m not addicted to this new Pokemon Go game […]

New Cute Marvel Superhero Shirts By TeeTurtle

Looking for a new t-shirt or two for the summer? Well, How about one of these super cute Superhero t-shirts from our friends over at Teeturtle? They have just released their latest t-shirt designs and I have to say, they are the cutest superheroes I’ve seen in a long while! There are nine new designs […]

Cool Gifts for Fans of Adult Coloring Books & Supplies

Coloring Books for Adults Who Love To Color If you’re on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook then you already know that adult coloring books are everywhere these days so we decided to pull together some of the best adult & geeky coloring books to show you. Whether you color for stress relief, relaxation or just for […]