11 Fun & Cozy League of Legends Hats

With Winter in full swing right now, what better to keep a League of Legends player warm than a fun but cozy hat designed after their favorite hero? We’ve featured lovely warm hats before in our fantastic¬†Spirit Hoods post¬†but these League of Legends hats are just as cute and just as much fun to wear!

Sadly there is a limited selection of League of Legends hats so not every hero is represented. I’ve seen quite a few people wearing the Teemo hat although I didn’t know what it was meant to represent at the time! That was before I started playing League of Legends but if I had to choose one to wear, it would be the Teemo hat. I like the Poro hat too but white is not the best color for me – I’m a magnet for dirt & muck when wearing white!

League of Legends Cute Fizz HatCheck PriceLeague of Legends ARAM Poro HatCheck PriceLeague of Legends Veigar HatCheck PriceLeague of Legends Teemo HatCheck Price

Cold often plays Lulu when we play League of Legends together – I never quite got the hang of her play style though. I like the darker of the two red Lulu hats myself, I hate standing out too much! I haven’t played Kennen either but with the cold winter winds, a face mask that matches the hat would be a great addition and the black Kennen version looks fantastic. Try not to scare any babies though ok?

League of Legends Lulu Cosplay HatCheck PriceLeague of Legends Lulu Cosplay HatCheck PriceLeague of Legends Kennen Mask HatCheck PriceLeague of Legends Kennen Mask HatCheck Price

Lastly we have my favorite League of Legends hat, the amazing Rammus. As you can see, it’s available in three different color combinations but whichever you choose, I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting a lot of admiring looks. You can see in the brown/blue/cream version that it has small arms at the sides – another great way to keep the wind off your face or play peekaboo with babies!

League of Legends Rammus HatCheck PriceLeague of Legends Rammus HatCheck PriceLeague of Legends Rammus HatCheck Price

If you’re looking for more League of Legends gift ideas, check out my stunning league of legends t-shirts and hoodies post. Don’t forget to find out which character your gift recipient prefers though! Getting the wrong hero would be like buying a Star Wars gift for a Star Trek fan and you wouldn’t want to do that now, would you?

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