Great Gift Ideas for Gamer Dads on Father’s Day

Great Gifts For Gamer Dads on Father’s Day

Every year, I leave my Father’s Day shopping to the last minute and this year is no different so with that in mind, here’s a few last minute gift ideas for you for this Father’s Day weekend. If you’ve left it really late, just find out which game your father is playing and get an electronic game time card from Amazon!

Gamer Dad T-shirts for Father’s Day

I love these Gamer Dad t-shirts – all of them are general gamer themed designs so there’s no need to worry which specific game your Dad is playing. There are two variations on the Player 1 & Player 2 theme – one design includes a baby onesie for the really young offspring and the other design includes a small size t-shirt. Of course, if you know which game your Dad plays, you can check out our other posts to see if we’ve covered it already – like World of Warcraft, Overwatch or Fallout 4 perhaps.

I'm A Gamer Dad T-shirtI’m A Gamer Dad T-shirtBuy NowPlayer 1 & Player 2 Matching T-Shirt & OnesiePlayer 1 & Player 2 Matching T-Shirt & OnesieBuy NowGaming Dad Just Like A Normal Dad Only Cooler T-ShirtGaming Dad Just Like A Normal Dad Only Cooler T-ShirtBuy NowDad By Day Gamer By Night T-shirtDad By Day Gamer By Night T-shirtBuy NowPlayer 1 & 2 Gamer T-Shirt for Dad & SonPlayer 1 & 2 Gamer T-Shirt for Dad & SonBuy NowThe Best Dads Play Video Games T-ShirtThe Best Dads Play Video Games T-ShirtBuy NowMany Dads Watch TV The Best Dads Play Video Games T-ShirtMany Dads Watch TV The Best Dads Play Video Games T-ShirtBuy NowThe Man The Myth The Legendary Gamer T-shirtThe Man The Myth The Legendary Gamer T-shirtBuy NowBorn To Game, Forced To Work Gamer T-shirtBorn To Game, Forced To Work Gamer T-shirtBuy Now

Gamer Dads Underwear for Father’s Day

I love the old classic arcade games so these Sonic socks and Super Mario boxer shorts just had to be included in this list. If your Dad is a bit older than the average gamer, the chances are, he’ll have played some of the classic games so these might really appeal to him too.

Game Over Crew SocksGame Over Crew SocksBuy NowNintendo Super Mario BoxersNintendo Super Mario BoxersBuy NowSega Sonic Crew SocksSega Sonic Crew SocksBuy Now

Keychains & Jewelry for Gamer Dads onĀ Father’s Day

There’s a serious lack of quality gaming related jewelry for men but I really like the Skyrim Dragon pendant and the Assassin’s Creed Pendant. If your allowance doesn’t stretch too far, a game themed keychain might be a nice little gift for Dad – the Portal 2 gun and the Nintendo Controller keychains both look great.

Skyrim Dragon Key ChainSkyrim Dragon Key ChainBuy NowNintendo Controller Rubber KeychainNintendo Controller Rubber KeychainBuy NowPortal 2 Gun KeychainPortal 2 Gun KeychainBuy NowAssassin's Creed Silver Tone PendantAssassin’s Creed Silver Tone PendantBuy NowGame Controllers Metal CufflinksGame Controllers Metal CufflinksBuy NowPewter Skyrim Dragon PendantPewter Skyrim Dragon PendantBuy Now

Energy Drinks & Coffee Mugs for Gamer Dads

Almost all gamers know the struggle to switch off their game and actually go to bed but if your Dad likes to game all night occasionally, these classic game themed energy drinks might be a fun gift for Father’s Day. There’s also some clever game themed coffee mugs available so if coffee is his drink of choice to help him stay awake, why not get your Dad a game themed coffee mug for Father’s Day.

Pac-Man Power Up Energy DrinkPac-Man Power Up Energy DrinkBuy NowNintendo Donkey Kong Energy DrinkNintendo Donkey Kong Energy DrinkBuy NowNintendo Power Up! Energy DrinkNintendo Power Up! Energy DrinkBuy NowGamer Dad Hashtag Coffee MugGamer Dad Hashtag Coffee MugBuy NowBy Night I Save The World - Gamer Coffee MugBy Night I Save The World – Gamer Coffee MugBuy NowClassic Mega Man with Logo Coffee MugClassic Mega Man with Logo Coffee MugBuy Now

Other Cool Gamer Dad Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Lastly we have some really cool gift ideas which don’t fit their own category! I love the Nintendo Controller pool float and the Nintendo Controller clock too. I never owned any console but the controllers are familiar to everyone I’m sure so these designs would make great Father’s Day gifts for gamer dads everywhere. A gaming themed messenger bag is another great gift idea for Father’s Day – the Zelda Triforce bag is a classic but there’s also the Eat, Sleep, Games design if you think your Dad might prefer a less specific messenger bag.

Wallets are also a great gift idea for Father’s Day and these gaming themed wallets are not only cool but useful too. I know my Dad always has a really old wallet that looks like it’s falling apart so maybe I should listen to my own advice & get him a new one this year!

Game Controller Pool FloatGame Controller Pool Float 4ft WideBuy NowRetro Game Controller ClockRetro Game Controller ClockBuy NowHalo Infinity Messenger BagHalo Infinity Messenger BagBuy Now

Nintendo Zelda Triforce Black/Silver Laptop BagNintendo Zelda Triforce Black/Silver Laptop BagBuy NowEat Sleep Gaming Messenger BagEat Sleep Gaming Messenger BagBuy NowI'd Rather Be Gaming Messenger BagI’d Rather Be Gaming Messenger BagBuy NowLegend of Zelda Embossed Bi-fold WalletLegend of Zelda Embossed Bi-fold WalletBuy NowNintendo NES Classic Controller Bifold WalletNintendo NES Classic Controller Bifold WalletBuy NowAssassins Creed Logo Black Velcro WalletAssassins Creed Logo Black Velcro WalletBuy Now


I hope you found some inspiration for a Father’s Day gift for your Gamer Dad today but if not, don’t forget to check out some of our other gamer posts or even last year’s Father’s Day posts.


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