Top 99 Gift Ideas for The Walking Dead Fans

The Walking Dead Mega Gift Ideas List

AMC’s The Walking Dead has become one of America’s favorite television series and has helped spread the zombie craze all across the world. There are a ton of gift ideas for fans of The Walking Dead and the products vary well beyond the typical clothing and accessory options you see for most of the popular shows. Zombies are currently one of the world’s favorite monsters and you can represent your love of zombies easily with many of these Walking Dead items.  Let’s dig in to what gifts are available for zombie lovers and fans of the Walking Dead.

Cast Autographed Framed DisplayCheck Price

When searching for a gift for a fan of The Walking Dead, you should try to find out who his or her’s favorite character is on the show. Many of The Walking Dead items are going to be available in specific designs that feature a single character. So knowing ahead of time which character is your gift recipient’s favorite will help you find a better and more appropriate gift more easily.

The Walking Dead Funko Pops

Funko POP: Walking Dead-DarylCheck PriceFunko POP: Walking Dead-Rick GrimesCheck PriceFunko Pop: Walking Dead Hershel GreeneCheck PriceFunko POP: Walking Dead – RV Walker ZombieCheck PriceFunko POP: Walking Dead: Prison Guard ZombieCheck PriceFunko POP: Walking Dead – Teddy Bear GirlCheck Price

Funko Pops are really cool figures, plush, bobbleheads, and other items based on pop culture references.  There are a bunch of The Walking Dead Funko Pop toys  (9+ pages worth) available as every character, notable zombie, enemy humans and much more. I’ve chosen a selection of 6 of the most popular figures, but I have my eyes on the awesome Michonne & Her Two Walker Pets Blood Splatter 3 Piece Set! If you are wondering what an adult would do with a Funko Pop toy: most I know set them up as a display on their office desk, bookshelf, computer desk, work cubicle, or set them up in a display case. They are fun pop culture collectibles. You can grab a few of your favorite characters and set them up in a diorama of your favorite scenes.

The Walking Dead Snapbacks & Stocking Hats

Walking Dead We’re All Infected Black SnapbackCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Mesh Trucker Snapback Hat CapCheck PriceWalking Dead What Would Daryl Do WWDD SnapBackCheck PriceWalking Dead Fear the Living BeanieCheck PriceWalking Dead Zombie BeanieCheck PriceWalking Dead – Zombie Killer – Red Brim HatCheck Price

When it comes to Walking Dead headwear options, there are hats for both warm and cold weather. The trucker hat with the zombies tearing into the bloody flesh looks like the perfect option for wearing when you go out for a nice meal. I kid… I kid, but What Would Daryl Do? I like the zombie horde stocking hat the best, as well as the “We’re All Infected” snapback that has the zombie herd on the brim.

The Walking Dead T-Shirts

The Walking Dead Warning Sign Black TeeCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Michonne Walkers TShirtCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Zombie Horde Collage TShirtCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Walker Flag Montage Black T-shirtCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Fight the Dead Men’s T-ShirtCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Dont Git Bit Mens Black TeeCheck Price

There are a huge number of The Walking Dead tee shirts available for sale. Many of them feature characters, zombies, or quotes from the show.  Zombie inspired clothing is acceptable all year round now thanks to The Walking Dead. It’s not just for Halloween season anymore. I’ve included 6 of my favorite shirts here, but you can also See The 20+ Pages of TWD Shirts on Amazon. You can narrow the results down by searching for a specific character if you are looking for one in particular.

The Walking Dead Hoodies & Sweatshirts

The Walking Dead Walkers Attack HoodieCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Crossbow Ears Zip HoodieCheck PriceIf Daryl Dies We Riot Zombie Apocalypse HoodieCheck Price

There are also just as many hoodies, sweatshirts, and long sleeve shirts for fans of The Walking Dead. When you add in generic zombie products and zombie clothing as well, there are almost limitless options for sharing your love of the zombie apocalypse. The Walkers Attack hoodie and the hoodie with Daryl’s string of walker ears are both interesting, but I’ve included the “If Daryl Dies We Riot” hooded sweatshirt for the ladies. Apparently Daryl is a popular with the female fans.

Find More Walking Dead Hoodies Here.

The Walking Dead Socks & Knee Highs

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Knee High SocksCheck PriceWalking Dead Men’s Crew 2-pack SocksCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Michonne Viral Crew SocksCheck PriceWalking Dead Rick Bloody Hand Mens Crew SocksCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Daryl Got Bit Crew SocksCheck PriceWalking Dead Zombie Photo Knee High SocksCheck Price

Socks are a great option for professionals who can’t display their Walking Dead fandom like many of us can at our places of employment. The businessman can conduct his professional business all day long while secretly wearing his favorite zombie socks hidden underneath his suit trousers.

No seriously. Themed socks are great for lounging around in your favorite recliner while you watch your favorite show, but if you are watching The Walking Dead in your zombie tee, while wearing your Walking Dead pajama bottoms, and cuddling under your Walking Dead fleece throw, with your stuffed Daryl Dixon plushie, then you might have a problem.

The Walking Dead Gear For Babies

Walking Dead – Little Ass Kicker Baby OnesieCheck PriceWalking Dead: Ass Kicker BibCheck PriceAn Arrow A Day, Printed Baby OnesieCheck PriceWalking With Zombies Boy/Girl Baby Grow VestCheck PriceBaby Boys’ Team Daryl Baby BibCheck PriceMommy Loves Me Zombie Splat Baby OnesieCheck Price

We can’t leave the little snacks, I mean little ones out of the fandom. Babies can rock a onesie or bib inspired by The Walking Dead. Of course there are “Little Asskicker’ items as that’s a quote from the show, but the “Mommy Loves Me More Than Zombies Love Brains” one is too cute.

Games Inspired By The Walking Dead

Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition)Check PriceYAHTZEE: The Walking Dead Collector’s EditionCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Risk: Survival EditionCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Board GameCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Trivia GameCheck PriceWalking Dead The Best Defense Board GameCheck Price

The Walking Dead has their own specific games and trivia boxes, but the show has also been used for variants of commonly known games like Monopoly, Yahztee, and Risk. There are also a lot of Walking Dead Video Games.

The Walking Dead Posters & Artwork

The Walking Dead Poster – SurviveCheck PriceThe Walking Dead – Michonne TV PosterCheck PriceThe Walking Dead – Don’T Look Back PosterCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Television PosterCheck PriceThe Walking Dead – An Eye For An Eye TV PosterCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Poster Scary RARECheck Price

There are an amazing number of great posters and art pieces inspired from The Walking Dead TV Series and comic series. You can get each of the season DVD covers as a poster, many of the characters, and an absolute ton of zombie posters and prints. Many of the posters follow a color theme and can be used to decorate a room with multiple posters from the same production line.

Find More Posters Here

The Walking Dead Life Size Stand Ups

Feeding Zombie The Walking Dead Life Size Standup PosterCheck PriceThe Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Lifesize Standup PosterCheck PriceThe Walking Dead – Corporate Zombie Lifesize Standup PosterCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Michonne Lifesize Cardboard StandupCheck PriceThe Walking Dead – Rick Grimes Lifesize Standup PosterCheck PriceMaggie Greene The Walking Dead Standup PosterCheck Price

If you are really obsessed with The Walking Dead, you just might want a life sized Daryl Dixon to stand in your dorm room to watch over you at night. Well, that is possible with these lifesize character and zombie stand up displays.

The Walking Dead Around The Home Decor

The Walking Dead Night LightCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Zombie Table LampCheck PriceWalking Dead Michonne’s Pet Zombie NutcrackerCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Apron – Walker Print – Zombie TorsoCheck PriceZombie See Hear Speak No Evil Shelf SittersCheck PriceZombie Incense Holder FigurineCheck Price

Help your child easily fall asleep at night with the help of this Walking Dead zombie head nightlight. Oh wait a minute! That might not work so well. I love the nutcracker designed after Michonne’s pet zombie! And who doesn’t need a zombie torso apron for the grill? Well, they may not need ’em at the Terminus BBQ!

The Walking Dead Throw Blankets

Walking Dead Don’t Open Dead Inside ThrowCheck PriceWalking Dead Daryl Crossbow Fleece ThrowCheck PriceWalking Dead Rick Grimes Throw BlanketCheck PriceWalking Dead Zombie Fleece Throw BlanketCheck PriceWalking Dead Fish Tank Fleece BlanketCheck PriceWalking Dead Walker Fleece Throw BlanketCheck Price

These Walking Dead throw blankets are perfect for snuggling up on a cold Sunday night as The Walking Dead’s new season is about to start. Who doesn’t want a fuzzy fleece throw blanket showing zombie heads in fishtanks? Or maybe some Daryl fanatic would love to snuggle up with that Daryl Dixon fleece throw on a cold winter’s night.

The Walking Dead Car Window Decals

What Would Daryl Dixon Do? DecalCheck PriceIf Daryl Dies We Riot! Vinyl Car DecalCheck PriceWe Ate Your Stick Family Decal ZombiesCheck PriceWalking Dead – Daryl, Rick and Michonne DecalCheck PriceWalking Dead Don’t Open Dead Inside Car DecalCheck PriceThe Walking Dead – Zombie DecalCheck Price

Show off your Walking Dead love on your vehicle too! Tired of those silly little stick figure families that you see on the back of other cars? Get your own decal with the zombies that reads “We Ate Your Stick Family”! How awesome!

The Walking Dead Drinkware

Walking Dead Shot Glass Set of 4Check PriceWalking Dead Crossbow Molded MugCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Pint GlassCheck PriceWalking Dead Fight the Dead Fear the Living MugCheck PriceWalking Dead Barbed Wire Fence Coffee MugCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Characters Pint GlassesCheck Price

Shot glasses, coffee mugs, and pint glasses are neat, but nothing is cooler than The Walking Dead crossbow shaped mug. The hot and cold changing mug is pretty neat too.

The Walking Dead Music and Movies

Performs Music From the TV SeriesCheck PriceThe Walking Dead AMC’s Original Soundtrack – Vol. 1Check PriceThe Walking Dead – AMC Original Soundtrack – Vol. 2Check PriceOrig Soundtrack Vol. 1 (Limited Edition, Poster)Check PriceThe Walkind Dead: Seasons 1-4 on DVDCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Seas 1-3 with Limited Edition T-ShirtCheck Price

The Walking Dead Original Soundtrack is available in collector’s limited edition vinyl and also on CD. The season combo packs are great starter kits for someone that would like the shows but hasn’t seen many of the episodes yet. You can even download the show’s theme song for your ringtone.

The Walking Dead Action Figures and Building Sets

Walking Dead Dixon Brothers Action FiguresCheck PriceWalking Dead Set of 5 Action FiguresCheck PriceWalking Dead 2 Inch Mini Figures Set of all 8Check PriceWalking Dead Governor’s Room Building SetCheck PriceWalking Dead Building Set – Daryl Dixon with ChopperCheck PriceWalking Dead Prison Tower & Gate Building SetCheck Price

Another option for a gift idea for a fan of The Walking Dead is collectible toys or action figures. There are a bunch of options for Walking Dead Toys and Figures and there are also play sets with buildings, towers, and scenes from the episodes. Why not set up the Governor’s Room set on your work desk to show off as you meet with clients? That should help with business, right?

Weapons From The Walking Dead

Michonne’s Walking Dead Signature KatanaCheck PriceZombie Apocalypse Survival KitCheck Price

You can even get a replica of Michonne’s katana like she uses to slice and dice the walkers on TV. And there is also the option of getting the same zombie apocalypse survival weapon kit that was featured in season 2! That kits includes the awesome Gator Machete like Glenn chooses.

Other Random Walking Dead Goodies

Norman Reedus Signed Daryl Dixon Ltd Ed FigCheck PriceDaryl Dixon Claimed Laser Cut Juniors T-ShirtCheck PriceFunko POP Keychain: Daryl DixonCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Atlanta BannerCheck Price(12×18) Woodbury Retro Travel Indoor/Outdoor SignCheck PriceThe Walking Dead Cast Licence PlateCheck PriceWalking Dead Lanyard with Zombie EarsCheck PricePeavey The Walking Dead Walkers Guitar StrapCheck PriceDaryl Dixon Crossbow Pendant with BoxCheck Price
And here are a few more random items that are neat, but just don’t fit into any other category. Gotta love a lanyard with zombie ears, a Walking Dead guitar strap (for Guitar Hero and real guitars too!), or a Woodbury sign. Are you gonna buy your girlfriend a little Daryl Dixon for her key chain?

In Summary

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through some of the coolest stuff available for fans of The Walking Dead. There really is a ton of stuff available. I hope this post has been helpful in finding an item for yourself or looking for a gift idea for a Walking Dead lover.  You can also check out a lot of cool gift ideas for walking dead fans over on the Hot Topic Walking Dead Store. has the Waliking Dead

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