Fun & Colorful Superheroes Underwear

Colorful Superheroes Underwear for all Ages

This is the time of year when we often think of sorting out our closets and drawers – the influx of boring new undies and socks from Christmas gifts makes all our favorite underwear look worn and shabby somehow! So today, we bring you bright, cheerful and definitely not boring, Superheroes underwear!

If your guy likes bright and cheerful underwear then these Justice League and Avengers boxer shorts should make a perfect gift. My personal favorite is the Funko style Justice League panties though – I just love the big eyes and happy faces!

Marvel Avengers Boxer ShortsCheck PriceFunko DC Comics Superfriends PantyCheck PriceDC Comics – Superheroes BoxersCheck Price

Superman is always a firm favorite with adults and children alike so this selection of Superman undies is bound to make someone smile today. I can’t believe they made boxer shorts with a cape though – that seems kind of silly to me but I suppose it’s all part of the fun of novelty underwear. The ladies panties are available in multiple colors with a lovely sparkly Superman logo on the front.

Superman Boxer Briefs with Cape!Check PriceDC Comics Superman Bling Logo PantyCheck PriceSuperman Man of Steel Boxer ShortsCheck Price

Batman is another firm favorite and when I saw the glow in the dark bat signal boxer shorts, I just had to include it! I like the lace up cami & panty set too but the 3 pack of Batman hotpants is my favorite from this selection.

DC Comics Batgirl Cami & Panty SetCheck PriceBatman Glow in the Dark Boxer ShortsCheck PriceDC Comics Batman Hot PantsCheck Price

Spiderman is always popular and in the men’s & boy’s section, there are loads to choose from. How cute would your little boy be in this Spiderman shorts and tank top set? I bet you’d have trouble getting him out of this set, it’s just that cool!

Spiderman Web Slinger Boxer ShortsCheck PriceSpiderman 2 Pack Boys Boxer ShortsCheck PriceSpider-Man Boys Tank Top & Boxer ShortsCheck Price

Captain America is one of the superheroes I’m not that familiar with but I love the light blue and red color scheme he has and these top & bottoms sets look great. There’s one for ladies and original Underoos set for the guys. If they are a little too bright for your guy, perhaps the darker boxer shorts would be more suitable.

Marvel Comics Captain America Tank & Panty SetCheck PriceMarvel Comics Captain America Boxer ShortsCheck PriceUnderoos Captain America Underwear SetCheck Price

Last up we have the female heroes – a Wonder Woman cami & panty set which looks lovely – even I could wear that one I think. The Black Widow cami & panty set looks amazing – being so dark, it’s less in your face than the other underwear but I think it’s pretty sexy at the same time.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Cami Panty SetCheck PriceMarvel Avengers Black Widow Cami & Panty SetCheck PriceDC Comics Harley Quinn PantiesCheck Price

┬áSo there you have it – proof that gifts of underwear do not have to be boring! Any superhero fan would love to receive this fun and colorful underwear – it’s certainly one way to brighten up the dark winter days! If superheroes are not your thing, how about some Star Wars socks instead?

If you have someone awkward to buy a gift for, feel free to leave some details in a comment or perhaps on our Gifts for Gamers and Geeks Facebook page. We’ll have a dig around and see if we can come up with some great ideas for you.

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