Fun Geeky Board Shorts for Men & Boys

Fun Geeky Board Shorts for Guys & Boys

I know it’s almost time to head back to school but there’s still lots of warm weather about so if you need more shorts for the end of the summer, we have a great selection of geeky boardshorts and swim trunks for you.

Geeky Boardshorts and Swimshorts for Men

I was surprised how few really fun boardshorts were available for guys but I did find a few to show you. If you’re a regular here, you know I love Doctor Who so of course, I had to include these Tardis Boardshorts today. The all over print Batman Comic boardshorts are really fun for the summer and the R2D2 Star wars shorts are great too. If you prefer more subtle shorts then there’s a wide selection of plain black boardshorts with just a logo or small design element available. Check out the Str Trek beyond boardshorts or the Punisher boardshorts as examples below.

Doctor Who TARDIS Mens Board ShortsDoctor Who TARDIS Mens Board ShortsCheck PriceMen 's Star Wars ShortsMen ‘s Star Wars ShortsCheck PriceStar Wars R2-D2 Guys Swim TrunksStar Wars R2-D2 Guys Swim TrunksCheck PriceMen 's Star Trek ShortsMen ‘s Star Trek ShortsCheck PriceStar Trek Beyond Men's ShortsStar Trek Beyond Men’s ShortsCheck PriceBatman Men's BoardshortBatman Men’s BoardshortCheck PriceMarvel Comics Iron Man Adult Board ShortsMarvel Comics Iron Man Adult Board ShortsCheck PriceBatman Comic Print Men's BoardshortsBatman Comic Print Men’s BoardshortsCheck PriceMen 's The Punisher ShortsMen ‘s The Punisher ShortsCheck Price

Geeky Boardshorts and Swimshorts for Boys

For young boys and toddlers, there are loads of fun geeky boardshorts and swim trunks available. I’ve included a small selection today including Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Skylanders. I think my favorites are the Minions all over print shorts though!

Star Wars Boys Swim TrunksStar Wars Boys Swim TrunksCheck PriceStar Wars Boys' Darth Vader Swim ShortsStar Wars Boys’ Darth Vader Swim ShortsCheck PriceDespicable Me Minions BoardshortsDespicable Me Minions BoardshortsCheck PriceTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Swim ShortsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Swim ShortsCheck PriceTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boys' Board ShortsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boys’ Board ShortsCheck PriceSkylanders Boys Swim TrunkSkylanders Boys Swim TrunkCheck Price

Superhero Boardshorts and Swimshorts for Boys

If your little boy loves his superheroes then there is no shortage of cool boardshorts and swim shorts for him. I’ve found Batman, Superman and Spiderman shorts as well as Captain America and the Avengers too. I really like the Marvel Characters swim shorts with their all over print design.

Batman Boys Swim ShortsBatman Boys Swim ShortsCheck PriceBatman v Superman Boys' Swim TrunkBatman v Superman Boys’ Swim TrunkCheck PriceSuperman Toddler Swim TrunksSuperman Toddler Swim TrunksCheck PriceMarvel Spiderman Swim TrunkMarvel Spiderman Swim TrunkCheck PriceSpider-Man Boys Swim TrunksSpider-Man Boys Swim TrunksCheck PriceBoys Marvel Characters Swim ShortsBoys Marvel Characters Swim ShortsCheck PriceMarvel Boys' Captain America Swim TrunkMarvel Boys’ Captain America Swim TrunkCheck PriceMarvel Boys' Avengers Swim TrunkMarvel Boys’ Avengers Swim TrunkCheck PriceMarvel Captain America Swim TrunkMarvel Captain America Swim TrunkCheck Price


If you’d like to see more great geeky boardshorts for guys and boys, check out our older post below and if you’re looking for something for women or girls, check out those posts below too!


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