Top Gift Ideas for Suicide Squad Fans

Top Gift Ideas for Fans of Suicide Squad

Following the release of the long-awaited movie, we thought we’d bring you this great selection of gift ideas for fans of Suicide Squad. There is so much cool stuff out there to chose from too – full Harley Quinn cosplay outfits and the Joker costumes too, t-shirts and hats as well as some really cool art prints and posters. Keep reading to see some of the best Suicide Squad gift ideas we found for you.

Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn Clothing

If you want some of that Harley Quinn bad girl attitude, perhaps some of these Harley Quinn clothes might help! I love the Daddy’s Lil Monster t-shirt and the pajama pants but my favorites have to be the sequin Harley Quinn hot pants and those amazing Harley Quinn boots! Team those up with the Harley Quinn bomber jacket and you have a great Harley Quinn cosplay started.

Harley Quinn Sequin Hot PantsHarley Quinn Sequin Hot PantsBuy NowHarley Quinn Bomber JacketHarley Quinn Bomber JacketBuy NowSuicide Squad Harley Quinn BootsSuicide Squad Harley Quinn BootsBuy NowHarley Quinn Activewear LeggingsHarley Quinn Activewear LeggingsBuy NowHarley Quinn - Daddy's Lil Monster 3/4 sleeve T-shirtHarley Quinn – Daddy’s Lil Monster 3/4 sleeve T-shirtBuy NowHarley Quinn Sequin DressHarley Quinn Sequin DressBuy NowHarley Quinn Pajama PantsHarley Quinn Pajama PantsBuy NowSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Slipper BootsSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Slipper BootsBuy NowHarley Quinn Faux Lace Up SocksHarley Quinn Faux Lace Up SocksBuy Now

Suicide Squad – The Joker Clothing

For the guys, there’s a whole bunch of The Joker clothes so you don’t need to feel left out! Team this gorgeous purple Joker shirt with the Ha Ha Joker jacket or the Joker’s trenchcoat and you’re halfway to a great costume. Just add some temporary hair dye and some fake tattoos and you’re Halloween cosplay is all sorted out! Or if you really want to stand out as The Joker – check out this amazing Joker suit with all the items included to make a fantastic Joker outfit!

The Jokers Trench CoatThe Jokers Trench CoatBuy NowThe Joker Snapback HatThe Joker Snapback HatBuy NowThe Joker's Boxing ShortsThe Joker’s Boxing ShortsBuy NowSuicide Squad The Joker ShirtSuicide Squad The Joker ShirtBuy NowSuicide Squad The Joker Ha Ha JacketSuicide Squad The Joker Ha Ha JacketBuy NowThe Joker Bang Woven ShirtThe Joker Bang Woven ShirtBuy Now

Suicide Squad Clothing

If you don’t want to cosplay one of the Suicide Squad characters but you do want to show off your love of the movie, these Suicide Squad t-shirts and pajama pants might be the answer for you. There are t-shirts available for all your favorite characters including Katana, Diablo and Slipknot shown here. There are also some great Suicide Squad movie t-shirts, showing logos, all the characters or images from the movie itself. Which ever t-shirt you chose, you’re going to look great!

Suicide Squad Diablo T-shirtSuicide Squad Diablo T-shirtBuy NowSuicide Squad Katana JacketSuicide Squad Katana JacketBuy NowSuicide Squad Slipknot T-shirtSuicide Squad Slipknot T-shirtBuy NowDC Comics Squad Help Us T-shirtDC Comics Squad Help Us T-shirtBuy NowSuicide Squad Group Cork Board T-shirtSuicide Squad Group Cork Board T-shirtBuy NowSuicide Squad All Over Print T-shirtSuicide Squad All Over Print T-shirtBuy NowSuicide Squad Character Skulls T-shirtSuicide Squad Character Skulls T-shirtBuy NowSuicide Squad Boxes Pajama PantsSuicide Squad Boxes Pajama PantsBuy NowSuicide Squad Logo HoodieSuicide Squad Logo HoodieBuy Now

Suicide Squad Accessories

If you want to Harley Quinn cosplay, you’re going to need some great Harley Quinn accessories and I found some that would be perfect for you. The Puddin’ choker and the spiked cuff bracelets are pure Harley Quinn and the Daddy’s Lil Monster flip wallet would compliment your outfit well. The Harley Quinn checkered print shows up on this lovely watch and these cute stud earrings and looks great.

Suicide Squad Skulls Bi-Fold WalletSuicide Squad Skulls Bi-Fold WalletBuy NowPuddin' ChokerPuddin’ ChokerBuy NowSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Cuff BraceletsSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Cuff BraceletsBuy NowHarley Quinn Stud EarringsHarley Quinn Stud EarringsBuy NowHarley Quinn Checkered Print WatchHarley Quinn Checkered Print WatchBuy NowSuicide Squad Daddy's Lil Monster WalletSuicide Squad Daddy’s Lil Monster WalletBuy Now

Suicide Squad Collectible Figures

If you’re an avid fan of Suicide Squad then you might want to check out these limited edition statues. Both the Joker/Harley Quinn statue and the Katana statue are available for pre-order and are limited editions of just 5000. The Joker & Harley Quinn statue stands 13 inches tall and the Katana statue stands approximately 11 inches tall with the base.

The Joker & Harley Quinn Limited Edition StatueThe Joker & Harley Quinn Limited Edition StatueBuy NowSuicide Squad Katana Limited Edition StatueSuicide Squad Katana Limited Edition StatueBuy NowSuicide Squad The Joker - Exclusive Action FigureSuicide Squad The Joker – Exclusive Action FigureBuy Now

Suicide Squad Figures by Funko

If your budget doesn’t stretch quite far enough for a limited edition collectible statue then perhaps the Funko ranges of characters might suit you! I’ve included only three of the Funko POP’s which are about 4 inches tall and have the distinctive large heads – Harley Quinn Funko POP, The Joker Funko POP and Katana Funko POP but the whole set includes all the main characters. Then there is the Funko Dorbz range of characters – these are also between 3-4 inches tall and have the fat body/large head style of chibi. Again, I’ve only included three – Harley Quinn Funko Dorbz, Killer Croc Funko Dorbz and Enchantress Funko Dorbz but the whole set is available too.

Funko POP Movies: Suicide Squad Harley QuinnFunko POP Movies: Suicide Squad Harley QuinnBuy NowFunko POP Movies: Suicide Squad The JokerFunko POP Movies: Suicide Squad The JokerBuy NowFunko POP Movies: Suicide Squad KatanaFunko POP Movies: Suicide Squad KatanaBuy NowFunko Dorbz: Suicide Squad Harley QuinnFunko Dorbz: Suicide Squad Harley QuinnBuy NowFunko Dorbz Suicide Squad Killer CrocFunko Dorbz Suicide Squad Killer CrocBuy NowFunko Dorbz: Suicide Squad EnchantressFunko Dorbz: Suicide Squad EnchantressBuy NowFunko Mopeez Suicide Squad - Deadshot PlushFunko Mopeez Suicide Squad – Deadshot PlushBuy NowFunko Mopeez Suicide Squad - Killer Croc PlushFunko Mopeez Suicide Squad – Killer Croc PlushBuy NowFunko Mopeez Suicide Squad - Katana PlushFunko Mopeez Suicide Squad – Katana PlushBuy Now

The third style of Funko is the Funko Mopeez – these are usually around 4.5 inches tall and have a weighted bottom to maintain their slouchy sitting position. I’ve included Deadshot, Killer Croc and Katana Funko Mopeez but, you guessed it – the whole set of characters is available!

Suicide Squad Art Prints

If you prefer art prints over collectible figures, then these three Suicide Squad art prints might be just what you’re looking for. All three are by different artists and as well as being available as art prints, they are also available on other products too such as phone cases, pillows and even as shower curtains! My favorite is the Harley Quinn art print, I think The Joker would be creepy to have on my wall but hey, you might like creepy wall art!

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Art PrintSuicide Squad Harley Quinn Art PrintBuy NowSuicide Squad The Joker Art PrintSuicide Squad The Joker Art PrintBuy NowSuicide Squad Skulls Art PrintSuicide Squad Skulls Art PrintBuy Now

More Suicide Squad Gifts

Next up we have a small selection of more random Suicide Squad gift ideas for you. The Suicide Squad posters are great and so is the Joker & Harley Quinn throw blanket but I’d really like a set of Suicide Squad playing cards – the cards might make a great stocking stuffer if you’re thinking about small Christmas gifts already! Then there’s the coffee mugs – two of the Suicide Squad coffee mugs are heat changing designs so you get two designs for the price of one – just add hot coffee and it reveals the second design. The third coffee mug below shows the same Joker & Harley Quinn design as the throw blanket.

Suicide Squad PostersSuicide Squad PostersBuy NowSuicide Squad Playing CardsSuicide Squad Playing CardsBuy NowSuicide Squad - Joker & Harley Card ThrowSuicide Squad – Joker & Harley Card ThrowBuy NowSuicide Squad The Joker & Harley Quinn Coffee MugSuicide Squad The Joker & Harley Quinn Coffee MugBuy NowSuicide Squad Daddy's Lil Monster Morphing MugSuicide Squad Daddy’s Lil Monster Morphing MugBuy NowSuicide Squad Joker And Harley MugSuicide Squad Joker And Harley MugBuy Now

Suicide Squads Hats

Lastly we have a selection of Suicide Squad hats to show you. Most of the designs are snapback hats but my favorite is the odd one out, the Harley Quinn beanie. I like the Daddy’s Lil Monster baseball hat too but all of them serve dual purpose in keeping the sun out of your eyes while looking cool.

Suicide Squad Daddy's Lil Monster Baseball HatSuicide Squad Daddy’s Lil Monster Baseball HatBuy NowHarley Quinn Property of Joker BeanieHarley Quinn Property of Joker BeanieBuy NowBatman harley Quinn Logo Snapback BallcapBatman harley Quinn Logo Snapback BallcapBuy NowBatman Harley Quinn Logo Sublimation SnapbackBatman Harley Quinn Logo Sublimation SnapbackBuy NowSuicide Squad Katana Snapback HatSuicide Squad Katana Snapback HatBuy NowSuicide Squad Deadshot Snapback HatSuicide Squad Deadshot Snapback HatBuy Now


I hope you’ve enjoyed this great selection of gift ideas for Suicide Squad fans. We’ve not featured Suicide Squad before but we do have lots of other posts with Harley Quinn and The Joker gifts. Check them out with the other Superhero and Supervillains below.



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