Mega List of Gamer and Geek Themed Backpacks

Mega List of Cool Backpacks for Gamers and Geeks

It’s the time of year to start stocking up on back to school supplies and what better way to start than with a cool new back to school backpack? In this mega list of backpacks for gamers and geeks of all sorts, we’ve found some of the best backpack designs out there from all over the internet – from Pokemon to Batman and from Harry Potter to Walking Dead zombies. There’s bound to be a backpack that is perfect for you or your little ones.

Back to School Backpacks for Gamers

First up is a huge selection of game related backpacks. There’s Pokemon of course – I couldn’t leave them out and besides, who doesn’t love Pikachu? There’s also three great Legend of Zelda backpacks including one designed to look just like Link’s shield. Then for all the retro gaming nerds out there, there’s three Mario themed backpacks – I think my favorite is the Nintendo Mushroom backpack.

Pokemon Pikachu BackpackPokemon Pikachu BackpackBuy NowPokemon Pokeball BackpackPokemon Pokeball BackpackBuy NowPokemon Gengar BackpackPokemon Gengar BackpackBuy NowZelda Eject BackpackZelda Eject BackpackBuy NowLink's Shield BackpackLink’s Shield BackpackBuy NowThe Wind Walker Link BackpackThe Wind Walker Link BackpackBuy NowSuper Mario Kart BackpackSuper Mario Kart BackpackBuy NowNintendo Mushroom BackpackNintendo Mushroom BackpackBuy NowSuper Mario Brothers Reversible BackpackSuper Mario Brothers Reversible BackpackBuy Now

Lastly in this section are backpacks for some of the more current games like World of Warcraft and Fallout 4. The Bulwark of Azzinoth is an iconic shield in the game and this World of Warcraft backpack design is an excellent adaptation of the shield. Of course, I had to include the now iconic Minecraft Creeper backpack too – I’ve seen quite a few of these on my travels and they do look great.

Nintendo Controller BackpackNintendo Controller BackpackBuy NowBulwark of Azzinoth WoW BackpackBulwark of Azzinoth WoW BackpackBuy NowMinecraft Creeper BackpackMinecraft Creeper BackpackBuy NowHalo Icons Print BackpackHalo Icons Print BackpackBuy NowFallout 4 Vault Boy BackpackFallout 4 Vault Boy BackpackBuy NowCall of Duty BackpackCall of Duty BackpackBuy Now

Cute Back to School Backpacks for Kids

This next section is a bit of a mixed bag of genres but all are super cute – perfect for the littlest back to schoolers or just the big kid in your family. The backpack buddy for Superman, Batman and Harley Quinn are easily recognizable characters, as is the Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack buddy. My two favorites are the Murloc backpack from World of Warcraft and the Soft Kitty backpack from The Big Bang Theory – both are plush fabric and just that little bit different from the usual plush backpacks.

Superman Backpack BuddySuperman Backpack BuddyBuy NowHarley Quinn Backpack BuddyHarley Quinn Backpack BuddyBuy NowBatman Backpack BuddyBatman Backpack BuddyBuy NowWorld of Warcraft: Cute But Deadly Murloc BackpackWorld of Warcraft: Cute But Deadly Murloc BackpackBuy NowTMNT Leo Plush BackpackTMNT Leo Plush BackpackBuy NowBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty Plush Figure BackpackBig Bang Theory Soft Kitty Plush Figure BackpackBuy Now

Superhero & Super Villain Backpacks

There are many superheroes and super villains in the Marvel and DC Comics universe so narrowing down this section was almost impossible, as you can imagine. From Batman and Deadpool to Ironman and Wolverine, the selection is huge and spans so many movie tie-ins and tv series as well as the original comic books. I really like the Chibi Deadpool backpack – it’s quite a simple design but the chibi style makes it cute too. For a less cute backpack, check out the Marvel Venom Teeth backpack – now that’s scary to be carrying around!

Joker Face BackpackJoker Face BackpackBuy NowBatman GCPD BackpackBatman GCPD BackpackBuy NowHarley Quinn BackpackHarley Quinn BackpackBuy NowDeadpool Face BackpackDeadpool Face BackpackBuy NowChibi Deadpool BackpackChibi Deadpool BackpackBuy NowDC Comics Harley Quinn BackpackDC Comics Harley Quinn BackpackBuy NowAnt-Man BackpackAnt-Man BackpackBuy NowWonder Woman BackpackWonder Woman BackpackBuy NowSuperman BackpackSuperman BackpackBuy NowSpiderman BackpackSpiderman BackpackBuy NowMarvel Spiderman BackpackMarvel Spiderman BackpackBuy NowMarvel Venom Teeth BackpackMarvel Venom Teeth BackpackBuy NowMarvel Iron Man BackpackMarvel Iron Man BackpackBuy NowIron Man BackpackIron Man BackpackBuy NowX-men Wolverine BackpackX-men Wolverine BackpackBuy Now

Many of the superhero themed backpacks are single superheroes with their iconic styles but there are also all over print pattern backpacks that use the original comic book style print design. I’ve put these comic style backpacks in this smaller sub section with the Transformers backpack and the Hulk backpack as I think these backpacks may appeal more to younger superhero fans.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BackpackTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BackpackBuy NowTransformers BackpackTransformers BackpackBuy NowTransformers Backpack - BumbleBeeTransformers Backpack – BumbleBeeBuy NowCaptain America 's Shield BackpackCaptain America ‘s Shield BackpackBuy NowMarvel Incredible Hulk BackpackMarvel Incredible Hulk BackpackBuy NowMarvel Face-Off BackpackMarvel Face-Off BackpackBuy NowMarvel Multi Character BackpackMarvel Multi Character BackpackBuy NowThe Flash Tiled BackpackThe Flash Tiled BackpackBuy NowMarvel Comic Print BackpackMarvel Comic Print BackpackBuy Now

Back to School Backpacks for Japanese Animation Fans

This is a little oddball section – all three backpacks are related to Japanese animations but I’m not sure if they should be called anime! Anyway, there’s a super cool Dragonball Z backpack with Goku as the main image and the Attack on Titan backpack just has the logo. I have a soft spot for Totoro though so the Totoro backpack has to be my favorite – he’s just such a happy looking little chap!

Attack on Titan BackpackAttack on Titan BackpackBuy NowDragon Ball Z BackpackDragon Ball Z BackpackBuy NowMy Neighbor Totoro Plush BackpackMy Neighbor Totoro Plush BackpackBuy Now

Back to School TV Series Themed Backpacks

When it comes to TV series, there are loads of geeky themed backpacks out there too. I’ve included two different styles of Doctor Who Tardis backpacks – I think I prefer the slouchy style myself. The two Harry Potter backpacks couldn’t be more different – the Hogwarts school crest backpack is colorful and bold whereas the Harry Potter spells backpack is just black and white but there’s some familiar spells in there. I love the Star Trek Borg backpack but then The Next Generation is my favorite series so that’s no surprise!

Harry Potter Hogwarts BackpackHarry Potter Hogwarts BackpackBuy NowDoctor Who Tardis Blue BackpackDoctor Who Tardis Blue BackpackBuy NowDoctor Who Tardis Slouchy BackpackDoctor Who Tardis Slouchy BackpackBuy NowHarry Potter Spells BackpackHarry Potter Spells BackpackBuy NowStar Trek TNG Borg BackpackStar Trek TNG Borg BackpackBuy NowStar Trek Captain's BackpackStar Trek Captain’s BackpackBuy Now

One of the geekiest TV shows has to be The Big Bang Theory so I had to include the Bazinga backpack and the Soft Kitty backpack. I also include the Serotonin Molecule backpack as I’m sure Sheldon would love it!

Bazinga BackpackBazinga BackpackBuy NowSoft Kitty BackpackSoft Kitty BackpackBuy NowGeek Dopamine Serotonin BackpackGeek Dopamine Serotonin BackpackBuy Now

Last in this section is the Game of Thrones, House Stark backpack with the dire wolf motif and two Walking Dead backpacks. If you like zombies and the Walking Dead, one of these backpacks will be perfect for back to school! You could check out Cold’s mega Walking Dead gift post too if you need more gift ideas.

Game of Thrones House Stark BackpackGame of Thrones House Stark BackpackBuy NowThe Walking Dead Zombie BackpackThe Walking Dead Zombie BackpackBuy NowWalking Dead Don't Open Dead Inside BackpackWalking Dead Don’t Open Dead Inside BackpackBuy Now

Cool Back to School Backpacks for Geeks

Lastly we have a small but varied selection of backpacks for other kinds of geeks. For mythical creature fans, there’s a gorgeous black dragon with red wings backpack or a crystal unicorn backpack. I think the sugar skull backpack is fantastic too. The cartoon robots backpack and the out of this world cartoon space backpack are both great for kids. I think I would have named all the robots if I’d had this backpack when I was a child!

Evil Black Dragon & Red Wings BackpackEvil Black Dragon & Red Wings BackpackBuy NowSparkling Crystal Unicorn BackpackSparkling Crystal Unicorn BackpackBuy NowSugar Skull BackpackSugar Skull BackpackBuy NowOut of This World Space BackpackOut of This World Space BackpackBuy NowStarry Sky / Galaxy BackpackStarry Sky / Galaxy BackpackBuy NowCartoon Robots BackpackCartoon Robots BackpackBuy Now


I hope you found your perfect back to school backpack in this huge list but don’t forget to come back soon and check out our other back to school posts that we have planned. Why waste your time hunting down great gifts when we can do it for you?

We also have a bunch of backpacks included in other posts so just use the search box to find even more great backpack ideas or if you’re a Star Wars fan, we found so many Star Wars backpacks, we gave them a whole post of their own!


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