18 Cool Gift Ideas for Futurama Fans

If you’re looking for a gift for a Futurama fan then you’ve come to the right place! There are hundreds of items available on Amazon but I’ve spent the time to pick some of the best so you don’t have to wade through all of them to find that perfect gift for your special Futurama fan.

First up, we have a couple of collector’s edition Futurama games – Monopoly and Yahtzee – both are well known games anyway but these have both been adapted to a Futurama theme. The Monopoly set includes 7 game pieces voted on by fans, one of which is a golden Bender.

Futurama Monopoly Collector’s EditionCheck PriceYahtzee: Futurama Collector’s EditionCheck PriceFuturama Star Wars Fun Spoof Tribute PrintCheck Price

Decals are a fun and inexpensive way to show your appreciation for the show and I found two of the best – the Bender decal is instantly recognizable to many people and would look great on any dark surface. The Bender figurine is a 5 inch tall collectible metal model and wouldn’t be out of place in any Futurama collection.

Futurama Planet Express Black DecalCheck PriceFuturama Super Heavyweights BenderCheck PriceFuturama Bender White DecalCheck Price

With Winter definitely here, these Futurama cozy hats would make a great gift for your fun loving friend. You don’t see many Nibblers walking down the street so be ready for lots of attention! I love the Leela cosplay kit – it comes with the wig, mask, wristband and bootcovers and paired with simple black leggings and a white tank top, it’s an easy cosplay for parties or just for fun. I’ve always wanted pink hair!

Futurama Nibbler Knitted HatCheck PriceFuturama Bender Knitted HatCheck PriceFuturama Leela Costume KitCheck Price

Plushies are always hot favorites and these Futurama plushies are no exception. Bender doesn’t look quite so mean as a plushie but I think the Kif plushie is adorable and I’d love to add him to my collection.

Futurama Bender PlushCheck PriceFuturama Kif PlushCheck PriceFuturama Dr. ZoidbergCheck Price

There are loads of Futurama t-shirt designs so I just picked my favorites today. I love the simple design of the Bender face t-shirt even though he isn’t my favorite character. It’s instantly recognizable and is great for someone like me who doesn’t like complicated t-shirt designs! I also like the Keep Calm range of t-shirts – this one has Bender’s favorite saying on it and is so appropriate for anyone with a bit of attitude!

Bender Bite My Shiny Metal Ass T-shirtCheck PriceFuturama Zoidberg Trust Me Doctor TshirtCheck PriceFuturama Bender Face T-shirtCheck Price

Lastly we have a couple of Futurama bags – the Nibbler tote bag is just supercute and very effective. It’s so cute, I’m don’t think you have to be a big Futurama fan to enjoy this one, anyone who likes cartoon style designs would love it. The crossover Despicable Minions/Futurama ┬ádesign is fabulous and it’s available on other products too.

Cute Nibbler Tote Bag 16x16inchCheck PriceDespicable Minions/Futurama Tote BagCheck PriceWWBD? Graphic Laptop SkinCheck Price

I wasn’t able to find any great Futurama themed cards for Valentine’s Day but if your loved one enjoys Futurama, I’m sure they would love to receive any one of these gifts in their Valentine’s Day gift basket.

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