Top 40 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Gamers & Geeks

Our Top 40 Ugly Sweaters for Christmas 2015

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a face full of Ugly Christmas Sweaters but luckily these ones aren’t knitted by Great Aunt Betsy who thinks you are still 7 years old! Now you can choose your favorite gaming or geeky theme to make those ugly sweaters a little less ugly!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Gamers

First up we have a few gaming themed ugly sweaters – my favorite is definitely the Space Invaders ugly Christmas sweater in red but it’s also available as black, grey or navy too. The Santa Kong ugly sweater design is pretty clever but it only seems to be available in toddler or boys size. Of course, a selection of gaming themed sweaters wouldn’t be right without the most recent big game release being included so I was pleased to find a Fallout 4 Christmas sweater to show you.

Women’s Nintendo Mario Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PriceSpace Invaders Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck Price

Ugly Christmas Sweater Santa Kong Video GameCheck PriceMerry Christmas Fallout 4 Ugly SweaterCheck Price

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Geeks

Next up, we have a bunch of ugly Christmas sweaters with various geeky themes! There are so many designs, it was tough to narrow down to our Top 40 but I had to include zombies, robots, dragons and of course, the DJ Santa sweater for Cold too (that might just be another Christmas present sorted out in our house!) but don’t tell him! I have been assured I don’t have to have an ugly Christmas sweater now that I live here so that was a huge relief!

Ugly Christmas Zombie Adult SweaterCheck PriceFood For The Holidays – Zombie Christmas SweaterCheck PriceAlbert Einstein Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck Price

Ugly Christmas Sweater for EngineersCheck PriceChemistry Themed Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PriceRobots Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck Price

DJ Santa Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PriceUgly Christmas Sweater With DragonsCheck PriceUgly Christmas Sweater with DragonsCheck Price

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Movie & TV Fans

When I think of geeky themes, I almost always think of Star Wars and Doctor Who and I wasn’t let down by the various Star Wars ugly sweater designs and the Doctor Who ugly Christmas sweater designs too but I was really pleased to find a couple of Cthulhu based ugly sweater designs as well as the ever popular Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story.

The Simpsons Ugly Christmas SweatshirtCheck PriceA Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ugly SweaterCheck PriceMinions Ugly Christmas Sweater Red MinionCheck Price

Star Wars  Red Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PriceStar Wars R2D2 Gift Wrap Christmas SweaterCheck PriceDroids In Space: Ugly SweatshirtCheck Price

It wouldn’t be a geeky Christmas without a couple of superheroes too so although I didn’t find many good ones, the Batman logo ugly Christmas sweater and Spiderman Christmas sweater design definitely made my Top 40 Ugly Sweaters list. I’m not a huge Minions fan but I couldn’t deny how seasonal the Minion ugly sweater design is!

Tardis & Doctor Who Christmas SweaterCheck PriceDoctor Who Dalek Christmas SweaterCheck PriceBatman DC Comics Fair Isle Christmas SweaterCheck Price

Mighty Spiderman In Web Christmas Ugly SweaterCheck PriceCthulhu Lovecraft Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PriceCthulhu Lovecraft Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck Price

Naughty & Rude Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Sometimes, you just want to have a giggle when someone realises exactly what is on your t-shirt or Christmas sweater! The following designs are all a little bit rude, crude or downright naughty so make sure Great Aunt Betsy has had a couple of drinks before you show off your newest ugly Christmas sweater!

The Electrocuted Cat Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PriceUgly Christmas Sweater – Snowman Nose ThiefCheck PriceRetro Humping Reindeer Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck Price

Humping reindeer seems to be a common theme this year but my favorite ugly sweater design has to be Santa flashing his Merry Christmas at everyone or perhaps, the Drunk Santa sweater.

Jingle My Bells Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PriceUgly Christmas Sweater – Rudolph DingleberriesCheck PriceDrunk Santa Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck Price

If your fella is gorgeous, Jingling his bells won’t be a problem but how creepy could it get if Great Uncle Bob decides this is the Christmas sweater he wants this year! I’d substitute the Pooping Santa sweater and hope he didn’t notice!

Merry Christmas Naughty Santa Ugly Xmas SweaterCheck PriceReindeer Threesome Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PricePooping Santa Christmas Ugly SweaterCheck Price

Faux Real Ugly Christmas T-shirts

Lastly, I just had to include this set of Faux Real t-shirt designs so although they aren’t really sweaters, they definitely fit the ugly Christmas clothing theme! I think my favorites are the two long sleeved t-shirts with tattoos all down the arms – my Mom would faint if my fella turned up in one of those! For the smarter family gatherings, perhaps this Christmas cardigan with tie design would work?

Faux Real Men’s Biker with tattoos Ugly Xmas T-ShirtCheck PriceFaux Real Men’s Ugly Cardigan with TieCheck PriceFaux Real Hairy Belly Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck Price

Faux Real Santa with Tattoos T-shirtCheck PriceFaux Real Christmas Elf, Ugly Christmas SweaterCheck PriceFaux Real Sexy Mrs. Santa Ugly Xmas T-ShirtCheck Price

And of course, we can’t leave the ladies out of the Faux Real t-shirt section so how about boosting that cleavage and winning the office Tacky Sweater competition at the same time?

So that’s our Top 40 Ugly Christmas Sweaters – these make great gifts for someone you know will probably wear it but could be a bit expensive as a gag gift. Still, it would be kind of fun to guilt them into wearing it at least once or twice though, wouldn’t it? No? Ok, so if you still need smaller gifts, check out our fun socks for gamers and geeks post or perhaps our fun beanie hats post.

There are loads of ideas all over our website so you can pick a tag from the tag cloud or use the search box – whatever you are looking for – if it’s gaming or geeky, we probably have a post to give you ideas!


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