9 Cool Gift Ideas for Fans of the Star Wars Cantina Band

Star Wars Cantina Band Gifts

It’s been a while since I did a post of gift ideas for Star Wars fans so today we have a post dedicated to the Cantina Band from Mos Eisley on Tatooine. I remember queueing around the block to see the first Star Wars movie (now labelled as IV A New Hope) and although I haven’t watched the movie more than about 5 times over the years, I do remember the Cantina Band and their music.

Star Wars Cantina Band Collectibles

This box set of 5 Cantina Band members is part of a Bust Ups series – finely detailed half figures which make great gifts for Star Wars memorabilia collectors. The Cantina Band Keepsake ornament is a Hallmark product and shows four of the band members mounted on a base. It also plays the Cantina Band’s most famous song if you remember to keep charged batteries in it! It would look great as part of a Star Wars display. My favorite is the art print though – it shows the heads of the Cantina Band on the bodies of the Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band. I’d guess that reference is possibly lost on a younger generation though!

Bust-Ups: Cantina Band Boxed SetCheck PriceCantina Band Art PrintCheck PriceCantina Band Keepsake OrnamentCheck Price

Star Wars: Tedn Dahai Mini-BustCheck PriceStar Wars Cantina Band Talking PlushCheck PriceStar Wars: Figrin D’an Mini BustCheck Price

The two mini-busts are limited edition 1:6 scale collector’s pieces which are about 6 inches tall and as you can imagine, are pretty rare finds. They are numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity so don’t let your little ones play with them ok? lol  The talking Cantina Band member plushie doesn’t actually talk – it plays the theme song which I think is probably better than talking.

Star Wars Cantina Band T-shirts

Lastly we have some clever t-shirt designs to show you. The first one is designed to look like a poster advertising the band live at the Cantina which I think is a brilliant idea. I also like the middle t-shirt – it uses the common phrase ‘I’m with the band’ and shows the Cantina Band playing their weird instruments. My favorite though is the Cantina Road design – another Cantina Band/Beatles mash-up – this time from the Beatles album Abbey Road.

Star Wars The Cantina Band T-shirtCheck PriceStar Wars: With the Band T-ShirtCheck PriceStar Wars/Beatles mash Up Cantina Road T-shirtCheck Price

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s brief look at gifts for fans of the Star Wars Cantina Band. There are quite a few posters and other memorabilia available too but I didn’t feel qualified to talk about the really rare stuff! The Cantina Band is also available as part of the Lego Cantina Set though so if you are a Lego fan as well as a Star wars fan, don’t forget to check it out!

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