24 Cute Star Wars Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away so now is the time to start thinking about what gifts you are going to give to your loved one. If your Valentine is a big Star Wars fan, then we have found some gorgeous Valentine’s day gift ideas for you today.

There are loads of Valentine’s Day cards available but most are aimed at the younger market and come in packs of 6 or more. The Valentine’s cards I have chosen today are just a bit special – designed by talented individuals and definitely not mass produced.

R2D2 Heart Valentine CardCheck PriceDarth Vader Valentine cardCheck PriceR2 D2 Valentine CardCheck Price

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a plushie or two and there are some really cute ones available. I love all three of these Star Wars plushies – each one carries a rose for your lady and maybe some candy too.

Stormtrooper Plushie with GiftsCheck PriceDarth Vader Plushie with RoseCheck PriceStar Wars Stormtrooper Plushie with RoseCheck Price

When it comes to candies for Valentine’s Day, there are lots of heart shaped Star Wars gift boxes available so I’ve chosen my favorites to show you. The black Darth Vader box is a velvet type cover with little crystals to make the design – definitely a little different and a great gift that can be re-used for keepsakes. The R2D2 box is just so cute, with the little red heart in place of the usual red circle light.

Darth Vader Heart Shaped Box with ChocolateCheck PriceR2D2 Robot Box with Gummy Heart CandyCheck PriceDarth Vader Box with Gummy Heart CandyCheck Price

If you are putting together a gift basket for your Star Wars Valentine then these smaller candy gifts will make great additions to fill any gaps. The Talking Candy Dispensers set has different flavored hard candies included and the PEZ dispensers come with a couple of rolls of refills for each dispenser too. I really like the Chewbacca goblet though – who can resist a hot chocolate fudge drink especially when served in your favorite Star Wars mug?

Darth Vader Yoda and Stormtrooper Talking Candy DispensersCheck PriceStar Wars PEZ Dispensers With RefillsCheck PriceStar Wars Ceramic Goblet & Choc Fudge Cocoa Mix – ChewbaccaCheck Price

Any Star Wars fan knows the greatest love story is that of Han Solo & Princess Leia and these two pillowcase sets feature phrases that have become icons of their relationship. Black on white simple text designs make them easy to add to existing bedroom decor and are a romantic addition to any bed set. I have no idea what the men’s cologne smells like but if your guy is a big Star Wars nerd, he’d probably love to have this just to add to his Star Wars collection.

Star Wars Inspired His Hers Pillowcase SetCheck PriceStar Wars Eau de Toilette SprayCheck PriceStar Wars Inspired, His Hers Pillowcase SetCheck Price

These Star Wars coffee mugs also feature simple text designs with a clever play on words from the movies. The His and Hers mugs feature Han Solo and Princess Leia again, their simple phrases expressing everything in just 5 words.

Yoda One for Me Coffee MugCheck PriceI Love You I Know Coffee MugCheck PriceYou’re The Obi Wan For Me Coffee MugCheck Price

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a bit of bling so I found a couple of gorgeous Star Wars cuff links sets for him and a His & Hers ring set. I really like the TIE (Twin Ion Engines, if you didn’t know!) Fighter cufflinks – the detailing looks fantastic. The rings are available in multiple colors – silver (as shown), black and gold and feature the logo of the New Republic.

Star Wars Darth Vader TIE Starfighter CufflinksCheck PriceStar Wars Death Star Cufflinks Cuff LinksCheck PriceHis & Hers Tungsten Star Wars Silver Ring SetCheck Price

Lastly we have some Star Wars Angry Birds backpack dangles and a Millenium Falcon keychain. There is a whole bunch of these backpack clips available, but my favorite is the Princess Leia one. The Millenium Falcon keychain is approximately 2×2 inches so it’s not a small keychain but the level of detail looks incredible. I’d be really happy to receive one of these as a gift.

Lard Vader Backpack Dangle ClipCheck PriceStar Wars Millennium Falcon Key ChainCheck PricePrincess Stella Organa Backpack DangleCheck Price

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If you are stuck for ideas and would like some help from us, feel free to leave a comment below or perhaps on our Gifts for Gamers and Geeks Facebook page. We’ll do our best to come up with some fantastic suggestions for you – just include a little information like age, sex and budget and let us find that perfect gift for you this Valentine’s Day.

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