Great Gift Ideas for UFO Fans on World UFO Day

Great Gift Ideas for UFO Fans on World UFO Day

Today is recognized as World UFO Day so we thought it would be fun to pull together a bunch of great gift ideas for UFO fans everywhere and as you can’t really have UFO’s without an alien or two, we included Alien gift ideas too!

Cute Alien Funko Pops

Funko always has something for the fans and aliens are no exception. I’ve included the X-Files alien, E.T. and the three eyed Alien from Toy Story 3. I have to say, my favorite is the Toy Story alien Funko – he is just so cute and colorful!

Funko POP! The X-Files Alien Vinyl FigureFunko POP! The X-Files Alien Vinyl FigureBuy NowFunko POP Movies: E.T. Vinyl FigureFunko POP Movies: E.T. Vinyl FigureBuy NowFunko POP! Alien Vinyl FigureFunko POP! Alien Vinyl FigureBuy Now

UFO and Alien T-shirts & Sweatshirts

As you might expect, there are hundreds of alien head t-shirts so you can easily find one on Amazon but I was looking for something different to show you. I think I found some really cool UFO & Alien designs Рespecially the Pyramids and space invaders T-shirt. Alien abduction is also a favorite theme amongst UFO t-shirts so I included two cool  alien abduction t-shirts for you.

UFO Alien I Believe Women's Tank TopUFO Alien I Believe Women’s Tank TopBuy NowPyramids UFO Space Invaders T-ShirtPyramids UFO Space Invaders T-ShirtBuy NowAlien UFO Spacecraft T-shirtAlien UFO Spacecraft T-shirtBuy NowAlien Men's Tank TopAlien Men’s Tank TopBuy NowSiamese Alien - SweatshirtSiamese Alien – SweatshirtBuy NowAlien Ufo - SweatshirtAlien Ufo – SweatshirtBuy Now

Other Alien and UFO Themed Clothing

I was only looking for t-shirts but I came across a few other great UFO clothing items so I thought I’d include them here. Socks are always a good fall back present and if you can make them fun and colorful like these UFO socks or the alien head socks, I’m sure your gift recipient won’t be too upset at getting socks again! I really like the little alien in his spaceship on the men’s shorts too – I wish that image was on a t-shirt actually!

Alien Head SocksAlien Head SocksBuy NowAlien Abduction SocksAlien Abduction SocksBuy NowUFO Aliens Women's Knee High SocksUFO Aliens Women’s Knee High SocksBuy NowBlue Cute UFO Aliens LeggingsBlue Cute UFO Aliens LeggingsBuy NowAlien Heads Stretch LeggingsAlien Heads Stretch LeggingsBuy NowMen's UFO Alien ShortsMen’s UFO Alien ShortsBuy Now

UFO Art Posters

I loved these colorful fantasy art posters – the alien cats kind of freaked me out a little though. I’ve always wondered why aliens would abduct cows but even if I’m puzzled, it does make for a great image for an Alien or UFO art poster.

Alien Cats & the UFO's posterAlien Cats & the UFO’s posterBuy NowUFO Space Galaxy PosterUFO Space Galaxy PosterBuy NowCow Abducted by Aliens Fantasy Art PosterCow Abducted by Aliens Fantasy Art PosterBuy Now

UFO and Alien Jewelry

I absolutely adore these little alien silver finish pendants, they have so much attitude! One is playing a guitar and the other is holding a crystal ball although I have no idea why! I loved the UFO invasion watch face too – such a simple design but so effective.

UFO Alien Playing Guitar Silver Finish PendantUFO Alien Playing Guitar Silver Finish PendantBuy NowUfo Invasion WatchesUfo Invasion WatchesBuy NowUFO Alien Holding Crystal Ball Silver Finish PendantUFO Alien Holding Crystal Ball Silver Finish PendantBuy Now

Clever UFO Wall Decals

These three vinyl wall decals are probably my favorite UFO gift ideas today. The portal decal and the smashed wall decal both have an amazing 3D effect which would make any child’s bedroom wall something special. For the nursery though, how about this super alien spaceship decal? Can you imagine Grandma’s face if she saw that in the dark for the first time?

UFO Space View Portal - Vinyl Wall DecalUFO Space View Portal – Vinyl Wall DecalBuy NowAlien UFO Smashed Wall 3D Effect Wall DecalAlien UFO Smashed Wall 3D Effect Wall DecalBuy NowUFO Sticker Outer Space Vinyl DecalUFO Sticker Outer Space Vinyl DecalBuy Now

More Alien and UFO Themed Gift Ideas

This small group of items didn’t really fit their own category so I’ve lumped them together in ‘other’! I love the toddler alien costume and it would be a great idea for Halloween or any costume party. For the truly dedicated alien fan, this alien head toilet paper might make them smile and would make a great gag gift for the office Secret Santa (although I know that’s a long way off, it’s still a good idea!). I also love the UFO Invasion Bookends – they look fantastic and would make any UFO fan a great gift for their book collection.

Toddler Alien CostumeToddler Alien CostumeBuy NowLEGO Space UFO Abduction 7052LEGO Space UFO Abduction 7052Buy NowAlien Emoticon PlushAlien Emoticon PlushBuy NowAlien Toilet PaperAlien Toilet PaperBuy NowAlien Invasion BookendsAlien Invasion BookendsBuy NowAlien InflatableAlien InflatableBuy Now


UFO and Alien Kitchenware

Lastly I’ve included a couple of great Alien coffee mugs but I have to say the UFO cookie jar is my favorite and not only because it holds cookies! At 12 inches tall, it’s a good size cookie jar or would just make for a fun kitchen decor item.

Alien Head Coffee MugAlien Head Coffee MugBuy NowUFO Space Alien Cookie JarUFO Space Alien Cookie JarBuy NowAlien 11 oz. Coffee MugAlien 11 oz. Coffee MugBuy Now

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small selection of great UFO and alien gift ideas but don’t forget to check out some of our older posts like those below. Of course, for any alien fan, Star Wars and Star Trek have loads of aliens too so check out those posts by using the search box for even more alien themed gift ideas.

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