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20 Great Ingress Game Gift Ideas

More Great Gift Ideas for Ingress Players Last Summer, I was addicted to the online game called Ingress – it got me out walking everywhere in the warm Summer sun and away from my computer. Sadly, my local area isn’t very active and the phone I use in the UK can’t run the app so […]

Gift Ideas for All Ingress Players

Useful Gear for All Ingress Players In the previous two posts, Gifts for Resistance players and Gifts for Enlightened players, we covered items that show faction pride, but there are also many other gifts for Ingress players that become useful to more dedicated (or addicted!) players too. These are gifts that any Ingress player will […]

Top Gifts for Ingress Resistance Players

Gifts for Ingress Resistance Players Today we have found some gifts ideas for Ingress Resistance players to see what items are available on the market. I was quite surprised by how limited the range of items is for both factions, but then I realised the t-shirts are available in a whole bunch of styles. You […]

Top Gifts for Ingress Enlightened Players

Gifts For Enlightened Ingress Players Do you get dragged out for a walk at random times or to random places? Does your partner choose a restaurant or bar based on how many portals are within easy range? Then the chances are you have an Ingress player in the family and you may as well get […]

Ingress – Game or an Exercise App?

  In case you don’t know what Ingress is, it’s a GPS based, MMO augmented reality game (fuller explanation on Wiki here). You chose a faction and have to hack or capture portals for your team. Portals are user submitted real world locations – things like statues, landmarks, theaters, fountains and even railway stations are […]