The Official Knight Hoodie – A Must Have For Fantasy Fans

Official Knight HoodieThe Official Knight Hoodie

After a friend mentioned that he had heard about a hoodie that looks like a knight’s armor, I just had to see it for myself.  I started searching around and found the Official Knight Hoodie that he was talking about and boy is it awesome!  This hoodie shaped like a knight’s armor will be one of the next hooded sweatshirts that I purchase and is probably high up on the Christmas list of any fan of fantasy genres or medieval times.

Hoodie Shaped Like Knight ArmorMedieval Ware For The Modern Man

This awesome armor shaped hoodie has a fleece inside and is nice and warm, especially with the armor styled face shield.  The face shield armor piece is also removable and also features a wire inside it so you can shape the face shield to match the shape of your face / nose.  The sleeves are designed to replicate a knight’s gauntlets and the shoulders are shaped like shoulder pad armor.  How cool is this?!?  While the Official Knight Hoodie is only available in the standard storm grey color, I think a black version would be another nice addition.  I’m planning on ordering myself own of these awesome Knight Hoodies along with this super cool Broadsword Umbrella and I will be “Slayin’ in the Rain!”

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